Jerry Jones defended Ezekiel Elliott and his effort against Denver after Jason Garrett called him out for it. Because. Of course, Jerrah did. Except no one else is.

Look, I don’t buy this nonsense that he’s a young player. And that he had never experienced that kind of failure before. Right, he had a bad day. They were getting their  asses kicked up and down the field. They locked him up. Who cares. It happens. Deal with it.

But you don’t go into a funk and just shut down. Do your job. And your job includes turning into a defender when the quarterback throws a pick, not standing there with your hands on your hips and watching everyone else go back the other way. That’s’ not doing your job. And it’s incredible that it’s something you still have to learn at the NFL level.  How the hell was that not addressed already, somewhere along the way. Like, I don’t know, the first time you ever put on pads? Isn’t that the first thing you learn as an athlete.  Never. Ever. Quit. And that while so many things are out of your control and you can’t worry about them, about the only things you can control are your effort and attitude.

Do you really have to pull a guy like that aside and address something like that? Talk about something like that?!. You have to tell your bell cow, bust your ass, every play.  Don’t ever quit on any play or your teammates no matter what the scoreboard says.  That’s really something you still have to address at that level? You shouldn’t, but in this guy’s case, you do.

Needless to say, they have a helluva lot they need to address with Ezekiel Elliott. Off the field. But I never thought they’d have to tell him not to quit on plays and his teammates on it. But obviously they do.

And stop with this crap about that it happened because he’s so competitive. Competitors don’t quit. That’s the lamest take of all, he quit because he’s competitive. Because that makes sense. Right and RG III isn’t playing football because he’s so good at football.


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