Lee Jenkins

Info & Stats: Sports Illustrated Writer

All Topics: His piece on Dwight Howard | Dwight Howard had more endorsements than LeBron in 2008 | Howard career spinning out of control | Howard’s back | Dwight’s off the court life | Dwight’s Christian image coming into the league | Dwight having five kids with five different women | Howard’s insecurity | Style of play changing | Dwight’s game | Can Dwight change? | Dwight’s time in Los Angeles | Dwight’s financial situation | Kyrie Irving | Irving like Dwight wanted more | The Los Angeles Chargers | Younghoe Koo is a legend in San Diego right now | Future of Chargers in L.A.

Sept 20th 2017

Lee on Dwight Howard: “Might be the most polarizing player in the NBA.”



June 26th 2017

All Topics: Allen Iverson piece | The life of AI | Big 3 League | Ice Cube’s thought process | LeBron’s comments on Iverson | Ty Lue | Lue wanting Iverson to be a part of his contract | Life for Iverson after leaving NBA | Iverson at 40 | Iverson’s body |

Lee on what’s been going on in Allen Iverson’s life since retirement: “There hasn’t been a lot.”



June 2nd 2017

All Topics: NBA Finals | Kevin Durant’s Game 1 | Golden State’s greatness | Durant’s comments a few years back about always being second | LeBron’s thought process now | Timing of how Durant got to Golden State | Team GMs goals are now to make the Conference Finals | Klay Thompson’s role |

SI NBA Senior Writer talks Finals with Jim.



Apr 24th 2017

All Topics: Mark In Hollywood Resets | Cleveland sweep of Indiana | LeBron James’ minutes | Kyrie and Love need to help James | Paul George’s play | George’s future in Indianapolis | Sam Presti article | Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden OKC days | Blake Griffin’s future with the Clippers | Someone will react to Golden State | Dean Spanos | Kelly Holcomb | Peyton Manning as a Charger

Lee on Steve Kerr missing playoff games due to back pain: “Wasn’t surprised.”



Mar 1st 2017

All Topics: Kevin Durant injury | Golden State will still probably get Number 1 seed in Western Conference | Warriors still stacked without KD | James Harden piece | 2015 for Harden | Harden with Khole Kardashian and Dwight Howard in his life | Had to get Harden  to open up | Harden and Howard were a trainwreck together | If Mike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey had a baby it would be James Harden | Harden being a sixth man in OKC

Lee on James Harden and Dwight Howard playing together: “Trainwreck.”



May 25th 2016

All Topics: Western Conference Finals | Golden State struggles vs. OKC | Billy Donovan’s tinkering | OKC’s growing pains | Kevin Durant | Durant’s leadership | Draymond Green |

Lee on Golden State trailing OKC 3 games to 1: “They can reel off 3 straight easy.”



May 3rd 2016

All Topics: Spurs vs. Thunder Game 2 ending | Spurs still having a shot at the end after the missed call | Oklahoma City late game struggles | Cleveland vs. Atlanta series | Kyrie Irving’s shot making ability | LeBron’s future in Cleveland | Golden State vs. Portland | Draymond Greeen’s play | Lakers hiring Luke Walton | Walton becoming a head coach so soon |

Lee on Kyrie Irving: “One of the most incredible shot makers in the league.”



Feb 29th 2016

All Topics: Steph Curry’s night vs. OKC | Curry keeps pushing the boundaries | What Curry is doing is not a hot streak | Phil Jackson’s Steph Curry – Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf  comparison | Golden State backlash is minimal | Golden State being better | Golden State throwing shade over the entire league | Kevin Durant | Durant being a free agent | Durant would be second to Steph Curry in Golden State | Thinks Golden State would take Kevin Durant | LeBron James | San Diego Chargers football

Lee on Steph Curry’s game: “He keeps pushing the boundaries.”



Nov 30th 2015

All Topics: Kobe Bryant’s retirement | Reaction to Bryant’s announcement | Why he thinks Kobe decided to call it a career | Kobe’s on-court performance | The new Kobe Bryant | Kobe’s legacy | Thinks Kobe played past his time | Kobe’s body breaking down | Next step for the Lakers | Kobe’s peers view of him | Kobe’s relationship with Michael Jordan |

Lee on if he thinks Kobe Bryant played past his time: “I do.”






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