The Rams and 49ers meet tonight on Thursday night football and for the Rams; it’s a chance to get back on the right side of .500. The Rams are breaking out their all-gold Color Rush unis for the occasion. And Aaron Donald should play a bigger role. At the same time, the 49ers, while they’re 0-2, are clearly already better than the mess that they were last year and have a nasty defensive line in the making, which could be a problem for Jared Goff. In other words, tonight is a great measuring stick for both franchises to see where they are in their respective rebuilds. It’s early in the season, but it’s still a very important game for both teams.

But all of that is overshadowed by the fact that this is the first game for the Rams since the news broke about wide receiver Sammy Watkins yesterday. That news, of course, is the report from Lindsey Thiry of the Los Angeles Times that Sammy Watkins is a Flat-Earth Truther. Yeah, I said it. Actually, no, she tweeted it: “Rams receiver Sammy Watkins is among those who believe the earth is flat.”

And when some tool on twitter tweeted “source?” She responded “Sammy Watkins.”

And then if that wasn’t enough, she posted a video describing how it all went down.

And here we are again. Somehow, for the third time in just over a year, Flat-Earth Truthers is a topic on the show again. I was pretty convinced that I would spend my entire career never talking about whether or not the earth is flat. You want to debate Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, fine. But the Flat Earth Society? Aww, hell no.

This is a whole different crew. Either they’re faking their belief and they’re weird or they’re serious…and they’re really weird. They’re the kind of folks who say things like “intuition is the continuation of infinite mortality” and think it’s incredibly deep.

And yet I’ve not only had to talk about Flat Earth truthers once, I’ve done it three times in the last 14 months. And this is a sports show. This isn’t conspiracy radio.

The first time was when that Canadian Tenor went rogue during the national anthem at the All-Star Game and then we learned that not only was that goofball Remigio Pereira looking to remix O’Canada, but he also posted stuff on Facebook like a photo that appeared to show clouds behind the sun with the caption: “The sun in front of clouds?? It is impossible for the sun to be 93 million miles away and yet be stuck in between clouds. Things that make you go hmmmm”

And then there was the whole Kyrie Flat-Earth saga, which may or may not have been a hoax, nobody can really tell. And now we have Sammy Watkins dropping this truth bomb roughly 24 hours before Thursday Night Football.

Sean McVay may be the youngest head coach in the league, but the dude is also one of the most prepared. And I guarantee you he had a plan for how to get his team to bounce back from the gutting loss to Washington on a short week. He had strategies and tactics for how to get his guys ready to go on the road, against a division rival, in a battle of NorCal v. SoCal, and make sure they’re ready to play their best when it’s needed most. Get this win, you’re 2-1, 1-0 in the division, and you’re coming back home with some time off to get ready for Dallas.

But how do you prepare for something like your star receiver saying that he believes in an idea that went out of fashion centuries ago? There’s no manual to take off the shelf in a situation like this. How do you deal with a situation where one of your players believes that humans can just fall off the edge of the world?

We should be talking about the fact that Watkins was only targeted twice against Washington. Or that he’s only been targeted 7 times in total this season. We should be talking about Jared Goff-Sammy Watkins chemistry, not the flat earth physics. And yet here we are. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Sammy.


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