Two days after President Donald Trump called for the jobs of all NFL players that protest, both the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks made a joint decision to stay inside their locker room during the national anthem before their game at Nissan Stadium on Sunday.

On Monday, after the Titans defeated the Seahawks 33-27, Tennessee linebacker Wesley Woodyard joined The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio and shared his thoughts on the President’s controversial comments.

“It’s sad that our President would continue to call out guys,” Woodyard said. “All of the guys that he called out that are making protests are the same guys that are in a lot of communities in the United States and overseas visiting troops, visiting other countries doing work, and you’re are calling them some names that I’ve never been called by anybody. So it hurts us a lot, but at the same time it’s going to inspire us to be great and try to change this United State for the better, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

The 10-year veteran addressed those who weren’t happy with their decision to miss the national anthem.

“You get a lot of backlash with people talking about disrespecting the service and doing this, but I have two family members that served in the army,” Woodyard said. “My uncle was awarded the Purple Heart, he got his leg blown off. And my father-in-law served in Vietnam, he was a sniper in the Army. So it’s those guys are the guys that are really fought for us to have this freedom that we have now.”

“To be a true American you have to fight for each other’s rights, and your rights as well. Like I said, somebody has to take that step, and it’s time for this injustice to stop.”

Woodyard seemed to think the demonstration was a one-time affair for their organization. But he didn’t rule out other forms of protest.

“We haven’t had that discussion. I’m not sure that’s something we will do again,” Woodyard said. “We are just sick and tired of the wrong stuff being highlighted, and we want to just continue to make this world a better place. And I think that’s what all the fans really need to understand.”

As far as their on-field product in the win, Woodyard was pleased with the physicality the team brought to the Seahawks.

“That’s our mentality around here. Our head coach from day one, since he took over, he’s preached let’s be a smash mouth team, let’s be a physical team, let’s be the most physical team ever,” Woodyard said. “That’s just the way we go out there and play and we have a lot of fun on the football field and we try to make guys pay.”




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