Of all the ridiculous things that happened yesterday, from Case Keenum looking like Joe Montana to Jake Elliott, who was cut by the Bengals, and signed by the Eagles, nearly destroying the football on his 61-yard game-winner. That was five yards longer than his longest kick ever and he nailed it. But that wasn’t the most ridiculous moment of the weekend. No, the most ridiculous moment of the weekend took place in Buffalo.

And for the first time in a long time, it doesn’t involve the Bills Mafia going WWE on a table in the parking lot. It involves Von Miller and Tyrod Taylor.

Let me set the stage. The Bills have the ball, third and six, with less than 8 minutes to go and a 7-point lead. Miller comes flying up the middle and drills Taylor just as he throws. The pass is incomplete, setting up fourth down. And as Miller gets up, he extends his hand to Taylor to help him up. Taylor reaches for it, Miller whips it back with the old “too slow” move. And they both laugh. An awesome move.

Except the refs didn’t think it was so awesome and hit Miller with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. WHAT?!?

For what? Giving everyone a good laugh? It’s not like he took him out at the knees or drilled him in the head. Or hit him late. The only person who was late on that play was Tyrod Taylor, who was late realizing he was getting punked.

Not only was it a terrible call, but it extended the Bills drive, Buffalo ate up another four minutes, and kicked a field goal which made it a two-score game. I’m not saying that’s the only reason Buffalo won, but I am say that’s one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my life.

If I was Von Miller, I’d have been raging in the post-game presser, but he was the exact opposite. He owned it.

I always respect a guy for owning it, but he owned that way too much. There have been some ridiculous calls in NFL history, but nothing more ridiculous than that. The Fail Mary call back in the day was better than that joke. Truly, truly embarrassing. I’m all in favor of protecting quarterbacks…but you’re supposed to protect them from cheap shots, and late hits: there was nothing cheap about that: it was classic comedy:

And Taylor was in on the joke.

The only people in the world who weren’t in on the joke were the dudes in the striped shirts. And that’s the real joke. Adelaide Byrd can’t believe how much the officials butchered that.

That wasn’t unsportsmanlike conduct. It’s not like Miller ran over to the Bills sideline and yanked the chair out from underneath Taylor as he was going to sit down. Or had Aqib Talib kneel down behind Taylor and then pushed him over.

But the “too slow, psych!” Handshake move? If anything, that’s on Tyrod for falling for it. And the refs for calling it. Worst. Flag. Ever.


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