After watching last night’s game, I only have one thing to say. How ‘bout them Cowboys!

Of course that’s not what anyone was thinking in the first quarter as Dallas was getting absolutely steamrolled. Just three offensive plays in the opening 15 minutes and instead of “how ‘bout them Cowboys?” It was “who the hell are these Cowboys?” These weren’t the guys who were expected to repeat as NFC East Champs and make a deep run. They were stomped in Denver and were getting crushed in Arizona. Suddenly, that offensive line didn’t look so dominant, Dez Bryant looked like he was fading, and Ezekiel Elliott looked average. Jerry Jones had to be lower than a crippled cricket’s ass.

It was time to get out the shovels and start burying the Cowboys.

And then Dak Prescott happened. And all of that changed.

He’s definitely had better games from a statistical standpoint, but I’m not sure he’s had many bigger football games. On the road. Coming off a bad loss. And risking the possibility of falling to 1-2 on the season, Dak came up huge. He was the one who put the team on his back.13 of 18 for 183 yards and two touchdowns isn’t going to win you many fantasy leagues. But it will win you an actual football games.

Yes, I said win you the game. Because this wasn’t a matter of playing it safe and not losing it. There’s nothing safe about rolling out and firing bombs. My man looked like Brett Favre out there at times.

So much for the rap that this guy is just a game-manager. He was the game-winner last night. Yes, Ezekiel Elliott had 80 yards, but this wasn’t about Dak turning and handing off. And yes, Dez had a touchdown, but aside from that, he was taken out of the game by Patrick Peterson. Last night’s win was all about Dak, starting with his absurd opening touchdown.

That’s your franchise quarterback flipping over two defenders and into the end zone. If that doesn’t get you fired up, nothing will. And it shook the Cowboys out of a funk that went back to last week.

Then, in the third quarter, he hit Dez Bryant with a pass and, well, this happened.

Dez turned into some kind of Transformer and bulldozed half the Cardinals defense into the end zone. But again…this wasn’t about Dez carrying the team, because that play aside, he was pretty much taken out of the game by Pat Peterson.

Which is why in the fourth quarter, when it mattered the most, it was the Dak and Brice Butler show, with Dak just going off. Firing one rocket after another, while on the run, to Butler. There was the 39-yard touchdown.

And then the 53-yard bomb that set up an Ezekiel Elliott touchdown that iced the game. I’m not sure what’s more impressive, that he unleashed those lasers on the run, or that he made them look so easy. Because they aren’t. At least not for most quarterbacks, but then, Dak isn’t most quarterbacks. That had been the thought coming into the season. Good quarterback, good game-manager, smart guy. He’ll get you into the right plays and then turn it over to the real studs, like Ezekiel, Dez, and Jason to actually win games for the Cowboys. Dak won’t lose you a game, but he won’t win you one either. And that couldn’t be more wrong.

He is a flat out stud and a flat out winner. And if you didn’t know before last night, you know now.


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