5, 10, 15 years from now—Clones coast-to-coast will ask each other: Where were you when The Jim Rome Podcast went number one? Where were you when the most relentless, rabid, loyal, and straight up best listeners in the history of sports radio hijacked the iTunes charts?

If you didn’t know—you do now. The Jim Rome Podcast—thanks to all your subscriptions and listens and reviews—went to number 1 on iTunes. In just over 24 hours, the pod climbed from 78th in Sports & Recreation—to number freaking one. And moreover—it actually charted in the top 10 for overall podcasts. You did it. You hit the Sports chart so hard—that it actually dented the top 10 on the overall list. Truly incredible. And a reminder that the Clones are as strong today as they ever were.

Now, let’s get down to business. What does it all mean? And where do we go from here? First thing’s first—your rewards. And they are, as follows: One segment of bumsmack. One segment of personal appearances as show fodder. One segment of the Rat Family. And now—now that you dinged that number 1 spot—I’m going to do it. I’m going to play the Toby in Houston call.

Understand this—I never, ever thought I would do any of this stuff again—let alone all of it, on the same day. In fact, if I’m being perfectly honest: I never thought I’d have to make good on this insane promotion. Because I didn’t think you could climb the charts the way you did. But—a promise is a promise. And I’m a man of my word. So, as much as I really, really don’t want to do any of this—you are, indeed, gonna get everything I said I would give you. And you’re gonna get it on Friday. And this Friday shall forever be known in the Jungle as ROMEAGEDDON.

So let’s talk about Romeageddon for a second. Romeageddon is your Super Bowl. It’s your biggest moment. Ever. And here’s the thing about the Super Bowl: Making it is great—but winning it is better. Now you have a game to play. Now you have preparation you need to do. Now you have a stage bigger than you’ll ever have again. So I get that there was a celebration last night. Bottles were popped. And the party went on all night. But now you have to pivot. Now you have a job to do. No one remembers the losers. So, get ready. Because it’s a quick turnaround.

Here’s how this sets up—because this has been a common question I’m getting on Twitter. No, I’m not jamming all of this into one block. Yes, each reward gets its own segment. So you’re looking at four total segments. A segment for bumsack, a segment for personal appearance smack, a segment for the Family, and a segment for the Toby in Houston call.

Now, how do you want to participate? What do you want to hit on? What race do you want to run in? Do you want to call? Do you want to e-mail? Do you want to tweet? Look, you can play it however you want. But understand this: Any day of the year you can send a tweet or an e-mail. And maybe you slip something by, or I read a war I wish I hadn’t. But you have never, ever, been able to call up and do these kinds of things on the phone. Not without getting the LT Hammer. Not without getting run. And I’ll tell you this: The leash is gonna be a little longer on Friday. Hell, if there’s any leash at all. You did half your job, in getting the Jim Rome podcast to number on iTunes. Now, you need to finish the job. You need to not only call. You need to be locked in when you call.    Because I’m never going to open up the phones lines for this kind of stuff ever again. This is your chance. Don’t waste it. Because you’ll give this shot ever again.

And remember: This isn’t the Smack off. You don’t need to play your way in. You simply need to pick up the phone and call. Or tweet. Or e-mail. The Smack-Off is invite only. Everyone is invited to this rager.

One last thing to help you prepare for Romeageddon. The only rule you need to know is this. Bumsmack only plays in the bumsmack segment. Personal appearance smack only plays in the personal appearance smack segment. The Rat Family only plays in the Rat Family segment. If you call on Friday and don’t get on during the segment you wanted—you’ll have two options: Hang up because your call doesn’t work anymore—or be prepared on another topic. I can’t stress this enough: Your participation must match up with the segment we’re doing.

So that’s that. Your wildest dreams and my worst nightmare—all coming true this Friday. Romeageddon. A one-off if there ever was one. Do not waste this opportunity because I can promise you this—it will never, ever come back. And for all of you tweeting and e-mailing that this is going to be the best show ever—well, that’s totally on you. Because if you think for a second that I’m going to be prepping bumstack the night before—you’d be dead wrong. In fact, I’ll be doing my normal grind. Because as a professional—I know to be prepared. And I’ll go straight to sports takes if you don’t want to do this.

But something tells me you do. So we’ll see this Friday. In the meantime, go ahead and run with it. Do your thing. The official hashtag is #Romeageddon. That’s R-O-M-E-A-G-E-D-D-O-N. I got a feeling that if you can get a podcast from number 78 to number 1—than you can also do some viral damage with a hashtag, too.

So go for it, Clones. Do your thing. As badly as I want to stop you—I’m not going to. You earned it.


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