Green Bay wideout Jordy Nelson has seen a lot of things on the football field. But one thing he never wanted to see is his teammate Davante Adams unconscious on the field after a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit delivered by Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan.

“That’s nothing you ever want to see. Your teammate, your brother, like that, laying there motionless,” Nelson said on The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio. “So it was scary. You’d hope guys would have a little bit more control over their bodies and what they’re doing. Especially when a guy is being held up like that to not take the shot at the head.”

Trevathan was suspended two games by the NFL for the hit. But the Super Bowl XLV champion and the NFL’s leader in touchdown receptions had a hard time concentrating on the game when so many thoughts went through his head waiting as Adams lay unconsciousness.

“You start thinking about his fiancée whose sitting in the stands,” Nelson said. “His mom that’s back in California, she’s watching on TV and doesn’t know for sure what’s happened, and trying to get ahold of people, and it takes a while to get that information relayed all the way back to her to make sure he is okay.”

Nelson said after that it was natural to get introspective about the prevalent dangers of the game too.

“You start questioning why you play this game sometimes,” Nelson said. “But we know it’s part of it going into it. I think they’re few and far between and were making some changes. But it’s still scary, so there’s a lot that goes through a person’s head in that short amount of time.”


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