Hour 1

AL Wildcard Game Reaction | Minnesota Blows It | Scott Frost (College Football) Interview


Hour 2

Daniel Berger (Golf) Interview | Watch Guy | Jeff Passan (MLB) Interview


Hour 3

Gary Sanchez Is Tough | 2017 KC Chiefs | Alvie’s Mix Back In The Day



Scott Frost

UCF head coach on having the program ranked in the Top 25: “Ignore.”


Jeff Passan

Yahoo MLB writer on Aaron Judge: “He’s just got presence, man.”


Daniel Berger

Golfer on his Presidents Cup experience: “Nothing but amazing memories.”



Next Level Tanking

Congrats on a great season, condolences on how it ended.
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Yanks’ Bullpen 

Luis Severino lasting just 1/3 of an inning is just the 17th time in postseason history that a started lasted 1 out or less. The first 16 times that happened, 15 of those teams lost.
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Toughest Of The Tough

The scariest moment of last night for the Yankees wasn’t when Luis Severino gave up the leadoff homer to Brian Dozier.
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