Jeff Passan

Info & Stats: Yahoo! Sports Columnist

All Topics: AL Wild Card Game last night | Minnesota scoring quickly on Luis Severino | Yanks’ Bullpen | Joe Giradi’s managing job | Yankee fans being so spoiled | Yanks future looks incredible | Bullpen use now a days | Aaron Judge being so comfortable | Cleveland vs. New York | Trevor Bauer pitching Game 1 for Cleveland | NL Wildcard game tonight, Colorado vs. Arizona | Zack Greinke vs. Jon Gray | Atlanta Braves dysfunction | Everyone in the Braves organization turned on John Coppolella

Oct 4th 2017

Jeff on Aaron Judge: “He’s just got presence, man.”




All Topics: Los Angeles Dodgers baseball | Dodgers have the best farm system in baseball | Dodgers can win the World Series this year | Dodgers’ rotation | Chicago Cubs | Picking Kyle Schwarber as the NL MVP this season | Home runs in baseball | Rob Manfred not talking about the home run numbers | Think the ball is juiced | Smack Off 23

June 26th 2017

Jeff on the 2017 L.A. Dodgers: “Absolutely can win the World Series this year.”



Jan 23rd 2017

All Topics: Death of Yordano Ventura  | Reaction to news of Yordano’s death | Yordano, Jose Fernandez, and Oscar Tavares | Yordano being a controversial figure | How Yordano was viewed in KC Clubhouse | Yordano had Hall of Fame talent | Similarities of Yordano and Pedro Martinez | Ventura’s size | Yordano’s life as a child | Yordano quitting school when he was 14 years old to work | Ventura’s MLB incidents | Yordano would not back down | Tim Raines | Raines getting in the Hall on his 10th year on the ballot | Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

Jeff on the late Yordano Ventura: “Hall of Fame talent.”



Oct 17th 2016

All Topics: Clayton Kershaw was incredible in the 2nd Game of the NLCS | Cleveland up two game to zero on Toronto in the ALCS | Andrew Miller and Kenley Jansen | Bullpen use by the managers left | Cal In Vegas

Jeff on the Cleveland Indians: “Inside the clubhouse they think they’re going to the World Series.”



Oct 6th 2016

All Topics: Madison Bumgarner vs. Noah Syndergaard | Bumgarner is the best postseason pitcher ever | Bumgarner’s postseason track record | Clayton Kershaw in the postseason | Clayton Kershaw and David Price this postseason | Buck Showalter’s decision not to use Zach Britton is something he will never understand | Mike Trout’s 2016 numbers | Mike Trout’s team sucks and that’s not his fault | Cal In Vegas talking smack

Jeff on Madison Bumgarner: “Best postseason pitcher ever.”



Sept 13th 2016

All Topics: 2017 Smack-Off | Been a long time listener | Loves the Smack-Off | Kyle Hendricks | Home runs this year being at record pace | Juiced balls | Dave Roberts pulling Rich Hill out of a perfect game chance | Dodgers need Rich Hill in the playoffs | Jason Heyward’s 2016 struggles | Adam Jones’ comments saying baseball is a white man’s sport | Yoan Moncada’s journey to the big leagues | 200 Twinkies in a week |

Jeff on his 2017 Smack-Off participation: “You play to win the game.”



July 19th 2016

All Topics: Former St. Louis Cardinals’ employee Chris Correa sentenced to 46 months in prison over breaking into the Houston Astros online database | Correa felt like the Houston Astros stole intel from the Cardinals | O.J. knowledge | We know for certain other people in St. Louis’ organization knew what Correa was doing | MLB reviewing St. Louis’ organization in Houston stealing information | Database security | David Ortiz legacy | Ortiz failing a PED test in 04 but still being beloved | Doping is not going away | Bartolo Colon | People love Colon because he’s fat | Colon’s second family

Jeff talks Chris Correa jail sentence.



Apr 6th 2016

All Topics: New slide rule | Jose Bautista’s slide | Kansas City Royals | Royals philosophy | Bat flipping | Loves Bryce Harper’s ‘make baseball fun again’ hat | New book: ‘The Arm’ being released yesterday | Tommy John injuries | How hard pitchers throw now |

Jeff on today’s game: “Old school doesn’t work anymore with replay.”



Feb 18th 2016

All Topics: Spring Training approaching | Financially baseball is very healthy | Local markets | Chicago Cubs spending spree | Cubs being the favorites to win it all | The greatest thing ever if Cubs win the World Series | Los Angeles Dodgers off-season | Dodgers looking ahead more than on 2016 | Clayton Kershaw | Yasiel Puig situation | Puig’s reputation for being an awful person | Puig has the talent | New York Yankees not spending in the off-season | 2018 Free Agent Class | American League | Bryce Harper’s future contract |

Jeff on Major League Baseball: “Financially it’s extremely healthy.”



Oct 9th 2015

All Topics: Houston Astros | Astros winning the AL Wild Card game vs. New York | Colby Rasmus | Rasmus douche comments | Rasmus’ career | Johnny Cueto just being mediocre in Kansas City | Royals have to win Game 2 vs. Houston | Dallas Keuchel looming in Game 3 for KC | Jake Arrieta’s greatness | Thinks the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series this season | Clayton Kershaw’s postseason career | Jonathan Papelbon – Bryce Harper incident

Jeff on Johnny Cueto’s Kansas City stint: “So mediocre.”



Aug 27th 2015

All Topics: Russell Wilson’s recovery water | Carlos Gomez | Baseball code | American League MVP race | Los Angeles Angels are not that good | Angels playing for a wild card spot | American League being weak | National League | Los Angeles Dodgers | Dodgers series vs. Chicago Cubs coming up | Robot umpires | Strike zone problems |

Jeff on the Los Angeles Dodgers atop the NL West standings: “It’s shocking.”



July 27th 2015

All Topics: Hall of Fame induction ceremony | Pedro Martinez’s speech | John Smoltz’ speech on Tommy John | Tommy John research | Lower level education on pitching | Velocity | Royals trading for Johnny Cueto | Reds getting 3 good prospects from the Royals | Cole Hamels should have been traded last year | Phillies are playing with fire on Hamels

Jeff on how the Phillies have handled their Cole Hamels trade market: “He should have been traded a year ago.”



Jun 9th 2015

All Topics: Being a Clevelander | Cavs in the NBA Finals | LeBron James is the best player in the world | Broken bat injuring a fan at Fenway | Bats in baseball | MLB parks needing more safety netting | Rob Manfred | St. Louis losing Adam Wainwright and still excelling | St. Louis doing a great job of drafting pitchers | Houston Astros | Carlos Correa | Talking about the wave with his son

Jeff on Carlos Correa: “He might be the best shortstop in the American League already, and he’s one game in.”



Apr 28th 2015

All Topics: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim trading Josh Hamilton to Texas | Arte Moreno did not like the fact Hamilton went on a bender Super Bowl weekend | Josh is addict, Moreno knew that when he signed him | The Angeles eating 68 million dollars of the Hamilton deal | How much does Hamilton have left? | Hamilton’s body | Hamilton’s Angels teammates | Hamilton is a polarizing figure in the clubhouse | Kansas City Royals wanting to fight everybody | Tommy John surgery | His book on Tommy John surgery | Youth baseball culture | Kirk Gibson news

Jeff on Josh Hamilton: “One of the most talented baseball players I’ve ever seen.”



Oct 30th 2014

All Topics: World Series | Madison Bumgarner’s performance | Bumgarner bailing Peavy and Hudson out | Bumgarner pitching on two days rest | Kansas City players giving Bumgarner props | The return of Alex Rodriguez | Looking forward to A-Rod’s shenanigans | Rod’s incentive

Jeff on if he’s ever witnessed anything like Madison Bumgarner’s World Series performance: “No.”



Oct 16th 2014

All Topics: Covering the Kansas City Royals a decade ago | Saw a lot of awful baseball in Kansas City back in the day | The 2014 Kansas City Royals | Jose Lima | Covering Lima | Lima’s personality | Lima giving him his first Major League chewing out | The Kansas City Royals spent money back in the day | The last 20 years of Royals baseball | Major League Baseball’s economic structure | Ned Yost | Being critical of Yost in the past | Yost has done a brilliant job this postseason |

Jeff on the job Ned Yost’s done this postseason: “Brilliant.”



July 16th 2014

All Topics: Wainwright’s comments last night | Jeter’s final All Star Game | Changing All Star Game rule | New face of baseball | Thoughts on Puig around the league | Tanaka’s torn UCL

Jeff on changing the All Star Game determining home field in the World Series: “The score doesn’t matter. The moments matter.”



May 14th 2014

All Topics: Baseball’s elbow surgery epidemic | Tommy John surgery is becoming a young man’s injury | Tommy John surgery only lasts so long | Arm mechanics | Year round baseball | Front office people are freaking out about the Tommy John epidemic | The second time around for Tommy John | Daniel Hudson’s story | Todd Coffey’s story

Jeff talks about the Tommy John epidemic in Major League Baseball.



Feb 13th 2014

All Topics: Live from Sochi Olympics | Having a lot of fun in Sochi | Covering snowboarders has been the greatest thing ever | Kaitlyn Farrington article | Farrington’s journey to gold | Russia’s Alexey Sobolev wearing a helmet with his cell phone number on it | Shaun White’s performance in the half pipe | Backlash inside the snowboarding community towards White | Danny Davis’ crackback at White | Snowboarders dislike of White | Climate in Sochi | Sochi is a horrible place for the Winter Olympics | Vladimir Putin lined the IOC’s pockets with money | Derek Jeter’s final season |

Jeff on covering snowboarders at the Olympics: “Like the greatest thing ever.”



Oct 10th 2013

All Topics: Adam Wainwright was incredible in Game 5 of the NLDS vs. Pittsburgh | Wainwright sprinting out for the 9th inning | David Freese hasn’t been good this year | Freese in the postseason throughout his career | Do clutch players really exist? | Pittsburgh Pirates future | Pirates farm system is really good | Dodgers $220 million pay roll | Cardinals pay | Different philosophies in baseball | Cardinals Draft and develop philosophy | Yasiel Puig | Puig can be act like an idiot and still be tolerated | Don Mattingly

Jeff on David Freese: “He tends to kick ass in October.”



July 24th 2013

The Yahoo columnist on Alex Rodriguez’s possibly suspension by MLB over the Biogenesis scandal: “I would be shocked if its less than 100 games.”



July 2nd 2013

All Topics: Yasiel Puig | Puig shouldn’t even be in Majors right now | Puig was so good in Spring Training | Puig’s first month in the majors | A year ago Puig was caught fleeing Cuba | Puig not talking about his past | Puig was determined to get to America | Scouts going to Mexico to scout Puig | Scouts thought Puig looked like garbage | Puig hadn’t played baseball for a year before scouts saw him | The Los Angeles Dodgers signing Puig | Dodgers Logan White saw something in Puig | Puig could be a threat this year for National League MVP if the Dodgers get back in the race | Dodgers are a threat to win the NL West |

Jeff on rookie Yasiel Puig: “He could be a threat this year for National League MVP if the Dodgers get back in the race.”



June 5th 2013

All Topics: MLB’s latest drug scandal | This Miami scandal being worse than BALCO | 20 players who have allegedly used PED’s through Tony Bosch | Bosch’s credibility | Money in baseball | You can’t fix the steroid problem | Stricter suspensions for drug users | Melky Cabrera’s fake website | Reward vs. Risk | Ryan Braun | MLB reportedly trying to suspend Braun and Alex Rodriguez for 100 games | A-Rod’s future | Explains why big time athletes go to people like Bosch | Being lazy with their drug use | The difference in making the Hall of Fame could be good drug dealers vs. bad drug dealers | MLB Union Boss Michael Weiner | Yasiel Puig’s first two games in the big leagues | Puig is a monster |

Jeff on the Biogenesis clinic PED scandal in Miami: “I think it’s worse than BALCO.”



Aug 15, 2012:

Jeff on if the Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine: “I don’t think the majority of that clubhouse would be weeping.”



Jul 31, 2012:

Jeff on the Dodgers recent trades: “Ned Colletti has thrown all his chips in.”



Feb 24, 2012:

Jeff on Ryan Braun’s legal strategy against his positive PED’s sample: “He fought the process not the test.”



Oct 21, 2011:

Jeff on “Money Ball”: “I thought that movie sucked.”



Jul 05, 2011:

Jeff on the winner of the All Star game determining Home field advantage in the World Series: “It’s stupid.”


Apr 12, 2011:

Jeff on asked about Derek Jeter’s struggles this season: “Frankly, he had the look of a shot fighter last year.”



Feb 16, 2011:

Jeff on how much a team would pay Albert Pujols: “The benchmark is 27 ½ million dollars a year.”



Dec 09, 2010:

Jeff on Carl Crawford’s signing in Boston: “10 years ago you would not see a black ballplayer sign for 7 years with the Boston Red Sox.”





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