The scariest moment of last night for the Yankees wasn’t when Luis Severino gave up the leadoff homer to Brian Dozier. Or when he gave up another to Eddie Rosario. Or even when he was chased after getting just one out in the first inning. No, the scariest moment was in the top of the sixth inning, with David Robertson on the mound, Dozier at the plate, Gary Sanchez behind the plate, and pain on the way.

That was brutal. Even hearing it again makes me cringe. That ball went straight off the bat and into the… Junk.

Nobody, not even the staunchest, most loyal Twins fan, wants to see that. And don’t come in here with, well, that’s why they wear cups. I don’t care what kind of cup you’re wearing, that’s going to hurt. There’s no protection for taking a rock to the fruit stand traveling somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 miles an hour. You could be wearing a titanium cup with diamond inserts and it would still leave a mark. On Sanchez and on Robertson, who reacted like he’d just seen a car crash.

First, Robertson reacted like a hero in an 80s action film seeing the love of his life get taken out. NOOOOOOOOO! Then he grabbed for his own crotch, as if feeling sympathy pains or like protecting himself 60 feet away would help Sanchez. Then he covered his mouth with his glove. Then crouched and kept his face behind his glove in shock and pain, silently screaming to himself.

For a moment, we were all David Robertson and David Robertson was all of us. Afterwards, Robertson summed up his thoughts thusly: “Poor guy. I had a great view of it, he just took a tough shot right there. I just felt for him. I’m wearing a cup, too. I just know how it feels to get hit there. It’s not fun.”

Ah, no, David. It is not fun. Not fun at all. In fact, a foul tip to the gonads is the exact opposite of fun. But hey, at least you had a great view of it.

Honestly, Sanchez took it better than Robertson. He was down briefly, but got back up again, because you’re never going to keep Gary Sanchez down. And somehow he stayed in the game. For the life of me, I don’t know how. Anyone else in that situation just stays on the ground, maybe waves for a stretcher, and heads straight to the emergency room. I was about to call for a sub for myself and I was just watching the game at home. But he stayed in, and singled the following inning. Catchers are always tough guys, but Sanchez is the toughest of the tough. I just wish we didn’t have to learn it the way we did last night.


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