Info & Stats: Toronto Raptors President

All Topics: Core of team back together again | Eastern Conference | Boston and Cleveland changes | Cleveland and Golden State’s dominance | DeMar DeRozan | His name coming up with the New York Knicks | Will be in Toronto for a long time | Going back to the black berry

Oct 5th 2017

Masai on DeMar DeRozan: “I don’t know if I’ve worked with a better person.”



Mar 2nd 2017

All Topics: 2016-17 Season | Trade additions of Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker | Kyle Lowry’s injury | Lowry needing surgery | DeMar DeRozan’s game | DeRozan stepping up his game | Cleveland in the playoffs |

Masai on hearing Kyle Lowry needed wrist surgery: “It’s tough.”



Apr 28th 2016

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Tuesday night’s Game 5 ending | Momentum | Dwane Casey’s adjustment in Game 5 | Norman Powell | Powell being fearless | Pressure on the team | DeMar DeRozan breaking out in Game 5 |

Masai on ‘pressure’: “Something you have to deal with in sports.”



Dec 4th 2015

All Topics: Tough loss to Denver last night | November schedule | Eastern Conference getting tougher | Off-season roster changes | DeMarre Carroll addition | Needing to improve the defense | Golden State coming to town | Needing God’s help vs. Golden State | Unique situation in Toronto | We are proud of who we are

Masai on their strategy against Golden State tomorrow night: “Pray to God man.”



Mar 12th 2015

All Topics: Struggles of late | Long season | The Eastern Conference is tougher than what people think | Teams’ performance since trading Rudy Gay | We are still a growing team | Learning how to win consistently every year | Rivalry with Brooklyn | Raptors’ fans | Being a Canadian team | Canadian players

Masai on if the Eastern Conference is tougher than perception: “Way tougher.”



May 8th 2014

All Topics: Growing up in Nigeria | Had a great life growing up | Falling in love with basketball | Average family | Nigeria now being different | Nigeria’s mass kidnapping | Nearly 300 kids being kidnapped | Giving kids the right opportunity | Young girls being the target of the mass kidnapping | Using his position to speak out | Difficult to speak on things where he has no expertise on | Nigerian government should give room for help |

The Toronto Raptors General Manager talked about the kidnapping of nearly 300 women in Nigeria.



Apr 15th 2014

All Topics: Atlantic Division Champions banner | Being named NBA Executive of the Year in Denver | Bigger challenge in Toronto for him | Working in Toronto before | Changes | Rudy Gay trade | Finding chemistry after the Gay trade | Kyle Lowry | Lowry off the court | His story | Being from Northern Nigeria | His goal was to be an NBA scout | Getting an opportunity with the Orlando Magic | Meeting with Nelson Mandela |

Masai on meeting Nelson Mandela: “The most remarkable person I’ve ever met by far.”



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