Hour 1

Dumbest Man On Earth | Sam Farmer (NFL) Interview | Jerrah’s Kryp’nite


Hour 2

NFL Week 5 Injuries | Jimbo’s Loss To Michigan State | Rick In Buffalo vs. Jeff In Richmond


Hour 3

Irie On Coaches Coke Video | Matt Campbell (College Football) Interview | Morgan Burnett (NFL) Interview



Matt Campbell  

Iowa State Head Coach on his 2017 Cyclones: “A really unique group of kids.”


Morgan Burnett

Green Bay Safety on the 2017 Packers: “We will fight to the very end.”


Sam Farmer

NFL Writer on Los Angeles reaction to Chargers move: “Kind of a yawn.”



Dumbest Man On Earth

I’ve been in this business for a minute or two and have seen some things, but I’ve never seen anything like an NFL offensive line coach appearing to be blasting rails of cocaine before heading to a meeting.
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Let’s be clear: Usually scoring a go-ahead touchdown in the 59th minute of a football game is a good thing.
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Michigan’s Not Back

Michigan State 14, #7 Michigan 10. That’s a win for the Spartans, again. And another loss for Jim Harbaugh to a rival.
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The New York Football Giants

Week 5 was a brutal week in the NFL as one big name after another went down.
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