Michigan State 14, #7 Michigan 10. That’s a win for the Spartans, again. And another loss for Jim Harbaugh to a rival. You can call that what you want: a choke job, an embarrassment, you can call it any number of things, just don’t call it an upset.

I know that Michigan was number 7 and that this is a bad Michigan State team, but when Michigan State beats Michigan for the 8th time in a decade, that’s not an upset. That’s full-blown ownership. Just like the fact that Michigan State and Ohio State have owned the Wolverines since Harbaugh rolled into town. Mark Dantonio has beaten an undefeated Michigan team in the Big House twice in the last three years. That’s not supposed to happen.

Just like Jim Harbaugh isn’t supposed to be 1-4 in his first five meetings with Michigan State and Ohio State. If Michigan wanted those results, they would’ve just kept Brady Hoke. Actually, this is worse than Hoke. The B-Man was 2-2 against Sparty and Bucky in his first two years. And Harbaugh has the same record through 31 games as Hoke did.

But hey, he’s wacky and does crazy things like drink milk with his steak, take his teams around the country and overseas, says kooky things in press conferences, and scream: WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?

Michigan State and Ohio State, to name just two.

If getting headlines counted for wins, Jim Harbaugh would be Nick Saban. He’d be stacking championships at Michigan and they’d be building statues to him. Unfortunately, getting wins is what counts for wins and he’s not doing it against the teams that count.

This is Year Three. You can’t be losing at home to a sub-par Michigan State team in Year Three. That can’t happen. A Michigan State team that was wrecked by Notre Dame in East Lansing rolled into Ann Arbor and didn’t just win the game, they expected to win it. That crew wasn’t surprised they beat an undefeated and ranked Michigan team, they knew they were going to do it.

And I’m not interested in any excuses from Michigan fans about the weather or the fact that the Wolverines were going with backup quarterback John O’Korn. That’s on the coach, especially if your coach is an offensive coach and getting paid big jack. A former NFL quarterback, who’s the head coach has a major problem at the q.b position. How the hell is that possible?! And as for you Michigan fans, you’re the same group that was ready to build a statue of Harbaugh when he first came back and now you have to wonder when their patience wears out, because this isn’t really working out, at least not the way they expected.

Case in point, Saturday night. If you know you’ve got a backup quarterback and you’re playing in a monsoon, maybe you don’t call 11 passes on 14 plays from the end of the third quarter and into the fourth. Not if your quarterback only completes one of those passes for a first down and chucks three picks in the process.

Harbaugh said of the passes, “Yeah, you can criticize that. We were trying to run the ball. We were trying to put drives together. We really were.”

Remember before the season when there was that poll of anonymous coaches who said that Jim Harbuagh was the most overrated coach in college football? That seemed pretty petty and ridiculous at the time, right? Well, suddenly it doesn’t seem so petty and ridiculous does it? It actually seems like it’s starting to make sense. Because the longer this goes, yeah, he’s great for clickbait, but not so much for wins. In fact, Jim Harbaugh is starting to look like Brady Hoke in khakis and a sweatshirt. You’re getting Brady Hoke results for Jim Harbaugh money. Michigan’s not back and your coach is no better than the guy who came before him. Look at the numbers.


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