Just a few minutes before the show started, Dianna Russini tweeted: Trade! The New Orleans Saints have traded Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional pick per sources.

I’ll be honest, for a second I thought that was a joke. No way that Adrian Peterson is getting traded, in the middle of the season, for a conditional pick. No way that’s real.

But then I remembered that this Adrian Peterson isn’t that Adrian Peterson. This Adrian Peterson has 81 yards on 27 carries. For the season. Not only is that not the Adrian Peterson who played for the Vikings, that’s not the other Adrian Peterson, the one who played for the Bears.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that this didn’t work out the way Peterson or the Saints expected. And it also kind of ends that idea that he wasn’t bent about his role in New Orleans. His only highlight in the black and gold was him yelling at Sean Payton on the sideline. Well, that and trying to claim afterwards that he wasn’t yelling, they were “just communicating” and that “One thing I said to him was let’s run this inside zone, and we came out and we ran it.”

Sure. And the Saints are just communicating with this deal and they just ran Adrian Peterson out of town.


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