After I finished my prep work last night, I went to bed, thinking everything was fine and good. But in the middle of the night, I snapped awake, bolt up, in a cold sweat with one thought on my mind: DID BROCK OSWEILER REALLY GET INTO A GAME LAST NIGHT?

Or was this all just a dream?

Did Ben McAdoo and the Giants really just roll into Denver with an 0-5 record and a bunch of receivers off the street just beat the No Fly Zone defense? Did Orleans Darkwa, who had 122 rushing yards all season, really just run for 117 yards against Denver? And did the Brock Lobster really make his return in a primetime game?

The answers to those questions are: Yes. Yes. And most definitely yes.

And yet I still can’t explain any of it. If the Giants hadn’t bothered to make the trip, I wouldn’t have blamed them. This team was ripping apart at the seams when they had all their players, what chance would they have without Odell, Brandon, Sterling, and the rest of the receivers? Turns out, they had a great chance, because apparently the laws of logic no longer apply. I would say the old cliché, “hey, stranger things have happened” but I’m not sure they have. Because there’s nothing stranger than that rag-tag bunch of misfits rolling into Denver and beating a defense with Super Bowl aspirations. If that was a Hollywood movie, it would be so LAME and cliché it would be unbelievable. But that really happened.

And even though it did, it still doesn’t live up to the plot twist that was the return of Brock Alan Osweiler. Incredible. What a magical moment. And the only reason he was in the game was because of this play…

When you’re a quarterback and you throw an interception, there’s just one rule: don’t get hurt. You don’t have to make a tackle, you don’t have to shed a block, you just have to not get hurt. And Trevor Siemian violated that rule. I like the hustle, I just wish he’d have hustled off the field. Don’t fight, quit. Because as bad as a pick-six is, a pick-six and a busted left shoulder is much worse. The same left shoulder that he had surgery on in the offseason.

The Broncos are a good team, they can bounce back from a pick-six. They suck, but you’ll get over it. It’s a lot harder to get over a pick-six and the loss of your starting quarterback. Then again, it’s not like Siemien is Aaron Rodgers, and they do have a certain 6 foot 7 inch legend waiting in the wings. I’ll be honest, it warmed my heart to see the Brock Lobster back out on the field.

Don’t get me wrong, I never want to see a player get hurt, so I didn’t want Brock out there due to injury, but there’s just something about seeing that big lug slinging it that’s good for my soul. I’m not sure if it’s good for the Broncos offense. After all, he did go 2 for 4 for 18 yards, but I’m sure some of that was just shaking off the rust and getting back into rhythm.

Unfortunately, Siemian returned to the game in the second half and a nation was left to wonder what might have been. What would’ve happened if Brock had been allowed to take it the rest of the way? I want to believe he would’ve led that comeback. Because the only thing that would’ve been better than Brock Osweiler coming into the game would’ve been Brock Osweiler coming into the game and leading the Broncos to an incredible comeback and then being carried off the field.

Brock’s done a lot of Brock-like things, but that would’ve been the most Brock thing ever. But we’ll never know. And instead, we’ll just be left to wonder, what if…as for Siemian, next time you throw a pick, you run straight for the sideline. Don’t be a hero, and don’t give a defender a free shot which you know he can’t wait to take: get your ass to the sideline: I don’t care if you’re the only man standing between the defender and the goal line, get the hell out of the way.

The way starting qb’s are going down, they should all be doing that. Throw a pick, run to the sideline; because those six points are still a lot better than a concussion or a shattered collarbone.


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