After Dino Babers’ Syracuse team beat No. 2 Clemson 27-24 last Friday night, the head coach’s postgame victory speech went viral. Babers joined The Jim Rome Show Tuesday and shared his thoughts on the video that’s making the rounds and his emotions after an epic night for both the coach and his program.

“It’s special. It’s special. I’ve only been a part of that one other time…when I was at UCLA and we knocked off USC,” Babers said on CBS Sports Radio. “But to be able to do that now as a head football coach with those young men, it’s something they will never forget. They will tell their kids about it, their daughters, their sons, their grandsons, their granddaughters about the time that they knocked off No. 2 Clemson in the loud house.”

Babers said his teams revealed its true character against the Tigers by continuing to fight, as the Orange won after Clemson tied the game on four different occasions.

“I think I’ve learned a lot about these guys,” Babers said. “Now we’ve been in some tough venues, we went down and played, five minutes to go and we had a chance to beat LSU at LSU. Five minutes to go, we had a chance to beat NC State at NC State, and both of those times we came up short.”

Those experiences coming up short aren’t things that coaches usually reference before a big game. But Babers spoke to his team about those experiences before welcoming the defending champions, and he thought his team responded to it.

“A lot of coaches don’t want to bring up the past, but I wanted those guys to understand how close they came and that it’s going to happen in this game as well,” Babers said. “We’ve got to dig down deeper, we’ve got to give more. If we give exactly what we’ve always given, we are going to get what we’ve always gotten, and that’s kissing your sister…

“They didn’t expect you to be that close, you guys covered the spread, great. We need more than that. We need to be able to get a win somewhere, and I thought the kids gave everything they had, and I’m so so proud of them.”



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