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All Topics: Tip-off to NBA Season | Golden State | Kevin Durant’s second season in Golden State | Golden State will unleash Steph Curry more | Paul George loving life in Oklahoma City | Carmelo, Russ, and George fitting together | Kyrie Irving’s reception in Cleveland tonight | Golden State’s trip to China | Steph’s presence in China |

Oct 17th 2017

Sam on Kyrie’s reception in Cleveland tonight: “It shouldn’t be too bad.”



June 21st 2017

All Topics: Hectic past few days | Reaction to Golden State’s dominance | Lakers moving D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov | Paul George to Lakers rumors | Jerry West joining the Clippers | LeBron as a Clipper | West’s relationship with James | Dan Gilbert | James to LA is really real | Dwight Howard

Sam on the possibility of the Lakers trading for Paul George: “I think it’s something that could still happen before tomorrow.”



May 2nd 2017

All Topics: Playoffs | Houston manhandling the Spurs in Game 1 | Picked the Rockets to win their series vs. Spurs | Can’t figure out Spurs’ offense yet | Jazz beating Clippers in Game 7 | Think Chris Paul will be back with the Clippers but not sure about Blake Griffin | Gordon Hayward’s future in Utah | Warriors vs. Jazz | Warriors being so mature on how they’re handling Steve Kerr’s absence | Rob Adams | Quin Snyder

Sam on the future of the Clippers’ Big 3: “Maybe Blake Griffin is in a different jersey next year.”



Apr 5th 2017

All Topics: Golden State vs. Portland, Game 1 | Warriors defense stepping up late | Warriors embarrassment of riches | Utah winning Game 1 after Rudy Gobert injury | Jazz culture and chemistry | Clippers chemistry | Doc saying chemistry is only an issue when you lose | Houston’s play | Rockets are his dark horse to win it | Cleveland beating Indiana | Paul George’s comments on the last shot

Insider talks playoffs with Jim.



Feb 24th 2017

All Topics: Paul George being dangled in trade talks | George meeting with Pacers owners about his vision | Larry Bird | George’s power play | Magic Johnson is moving the needle in a big way for superstars | DeMarcus Cousins | Jim Buss | Lakers current roster | Jeanie Buss

Sam shares his reaction to the NBA Trade Deadline.



Nov 15th 2016

All Topics: Klay Thompson to Boston rumors | 2016-17 Golden State Warriors | Eyeballs on Golden State | Golden State embracing the bad guy image | Kevin Durant as a villain | Warriors lacking rim protection | Andrew Bogut being missed in Golden State | Los Angeles Clippers look great | The Clippers have a lot on the line this season | Los Angeles Lakers | Luke Walton’s been great |

Sam on Klay Thompson to Boston trade rumors: “There’s nothing there.”



July 5th 2016

All Topics: Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with Golden State | Neck and Neck between OKC and Golden State for Durant | Durant terrified of the backlash if he left OKC | Jerry West’s conversation with Durant | Golden State’s chemistry with Durant now | Klay Thompson | Team chemistry taking time | Russ Westbrook’s future in OKC | Golden State

Sam talks Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with Golden State.



June 16th 2016

All Topics: Silence of Draymond Green | Green finally speaking after five days of media silence | Green reflecting on putting his team in a bad spot because of his suspension |  Andrew Bogut injury | Steph Curry’s struggles in Game 5 | Golden State not always firing | Warriors’ depth |

Sam on why Steph Curry is struggling: “I don’t know.”



May 31st 2016

All Topics: Western Conference Finals | Golden State beating OKC in 7 games | Thought Golden State was done after Game 4 | Steph Curry’s Game 7 | Serge Ibaka’s late game foul on Curry | Klay Thompson’s demeanor | Klay cares about his bulldog and basketball | Kevin Durant being a free agent | NBA Finals rematch | Cleveland having Kevin Love and a healthy Kyrie Irving | LeBron James |

Sam on one of the NBA Finals story lines: “It’s it LeBron’s league or is it Steph’s league.”



May 2nd 2016

All Topics: Initial reaction to Steph Curry’s injury last weekend | Golden State smashing Portland in Game 1 without Curry | Draymond Green and Klay Thompson picking up Golden State | Thompson not getting enough credit | Thompson would get superstar attention if he had his own team | Thompson isn’t interested on having his own team | Klay loves his situation in Golden State | Curry talking about playing in Game 3 of the Portland series | San Antonio smashing OKC in Game 1 | Spurs are blowing people out | Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge carrying the weight is exactly what San Antonio management wanted | Kevin Durant | Lakers hiring Luke Walton

Sam on when Klay Thompson is locked in defensively: “Unbelievable.”



Apr 5th 2016

All Topics: Steve Kerr podcast | Chicago Bulls 1995-96 Single Season Victory Record | Kerr hinting they’re not desperately going after 73 wins | Luc Longley calling Kerr and trying to reason why they shouldn’t break the record | Scottie Pippen’s comments | Michael Jordan | Draymond Green | Green’s defense | Ron Adams | Warriors aren’t as good defensively this season as last | Western Conference | Oklahoma City Thunder lacking playmakers | Serge Ibaka | Kevin Durant’s future in OKC | D’Angelo Russell -Nick Young video | Bro code in the NBA | Kobe Bryant’s final games

Sam on Kevin Durant’s free agency this summer: “He’s going to look around.”



Feb 26th 2016

All Topics: Houston Rockets win over Portland | James Harden going crazy against Portland | Report on Harden wanting Kevin McHale fired and Dwight Howard traded | Houston wants to re-sign Howard | Houston was trying to trade Howard | Howard will opt out | Houston not wanting to sign Howard to a max deal | Kevin Durant to Houston rumors | Durant and Harden are tight | Durant to Golden State rumors | Jeanie Buss | Buss on her brother Jim | Jeanie saying she’s spoke with Byron Scott three time since hiring him as coach |

Sam on if Houston was trying to trade Dwight Howard before the deadline: “They were.”



May 11th 2015

All Topics: Clippers vs. Rockets | Hack-A-DeAndre | Kevin McHale | DeAndre needing to get better at the line | Dwight Howard calling out a fan | Players feeling like it’s alright to clown Dwight | Austin Rivers’ tweet about Dwight this morning | Clippers post season play | Clippers beating the Spurs | LeBron’s game winning shot | David Blatt being over ruled by LeBron | Blatt’s mistakes

Sam on LeBron overruling David Blatt on the last play of yesterday’s game vs. Chicago: “That’s how it’s been all year.”



Jan 21st 2015

All Topics: Western Conference | Los Angeles Clippers | Clips falling asleep at the wheel this season | Austin Rivers | Clippers locker room dynamic with Austin Rivers now | Cavs | LeBron and Blatt | Derrick Rose’s frustration |

Sam on the Los Angeles Clippers this season: “Falling asleep at the wheel.”



July 9th 2014

All Topics: Pat Riley message to LeBron | Where LeBron will go | Nike rumors | Blame if LeBron doesn’t go to Cleveland | Which roster is more attractive | Dan Gilbert message | LeBron’s deal if he signs with Miami | When we will get word of decision

Sam on best situation for LeBron:  “Cavs situation has more legs on it going forward.”



Jun 21, 2011:

Sam on if the Lakers are trying to trade Andrew Bynum: “No.”



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