Hey Michigan men: WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US? Basically everybody.

Because the AP Poll features 25 teams and Michigan’s NOT on it. And the highest paid coach in College Football has the FOURTH best team… in the Big Ten EAST. And after needing overtime to escape Indiana last weekend, the Wolverines walked into that Whiteout in Happy Valley and walked out with Saquon Barkley’s cleat marks up and down their back. And on the 2nd play from scrimmage, Barkley hit record on his Heisman Hype video when he took a direct snap to the freaking house.

After putting up a brief fight in the 2nd quarter, Big Blue laid down and took it. 506 yards of offense against Michigan’s vaunted defense. Just 269 yards of offense for the 98th best unit in the country — the 5th best college offense in the state of Michigan, behind Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Michigan State and Eastern Michigan — that pile of blue-chip talent at running back averaging just 2.5 yards a carry and John O’Korn throwing for just 166 yards. And as James Franklin’s team piled it on, scoring the last 28 points of the game and putting the Wolverines in the wood chipper for a 42-13 demolition, the stark reality of things can only slap you in the face.

Jim Harbaugh is 6-5 in his last 11. Jim Harbaugh has the same record as Brady Hoke after 33 games. And Jim Harbaugh has just been taken to the wood chipper by James Franklin, Mark Dantonio, Jimbo Fisher, Urb and Kirk Ferentz… all since last November 12th.

The point of that monster pay check was to beat those guys, not get beaten down by those guys. The point of having three assistant coaches making more than a million dollars — that’s MORE THAN ALABAMA and LSU and EVERYBODY ELSE– was to make sure your team is better in Year 3 than it was in Year 1, when Harbaugh was winning with Hoke’s guys and Hoke’s recruits. But 3 years into this thing and Michigan still doesn’t have a quarterback. Three years into this thing and the Wolverines look less and less like a national title contender and more like a Big Ten pretender. And the guy who could do no wrong, a guy who got a free pass over and over for that bag act — the Walmart Khakis, the throwback jerseys, the satellite camps, the glasses of milk, the trips to Rome and the petty fights with the media about roster reveals and who’s in the team picture — none of that flies when the ref needs to step in and stop the fight against Penn State.

And a year after beating the Lions 49-10, Penn State returned the favor. And a year after it looked like Michigan was back, only to lose 3 of their last 4, it’s Penn State that looks like the national title contender and Michigan the absolute pretender. Because 5-2 and losses in your two biggest games isn’t what they paid Harbaugh for. And it might get a whole lot worse before it gets better with Wisconsin and Ohio State still ahead.

Worry about this now, Michigan fan. A coach who has never kept a job for more than four years is 3 years in at his alma mater and it’s already turning on him. And the guy you threw piles of cash at to compete with Urb and Nick and the rest of college football’s elite just spent another Saturday proving he wasn’t worth it.



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