Tonight, Dodger Stadium, Game 1 of the World Series. The Houston Astros vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers. The 101-win Astros vs. the 104-win Dodgers. One-time Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel vs. three-time CY Young winner Clayton Kershaw. And everybody versus the heat.

One of the rules of the show is that if you talk about the weather, you get run. And that’s a rule for good reason. Because it’s an incredibly boring topic that everyone talks about and nobody can do anything about. But it’s a topic today.

And yes, I know before every World Series, Super Bowl, or NBA Finals, there’s a story that’s really a non-story that becomes a story. This is not that. And this isn’t SoCal complaining about the weather. Since when have people from SoCal complained about the sun? And this isn’t complaining this is stating facts.

And the facts are: it is an inferno here right now. How hot? It was 90 and blowing a gale at 6am this morning. Think about that: before the sun comes up and you’re already sweating and blasting the a/c. If that feels a bit excessive, it’s not. There is a literal excessive heat warning for the area.

In other words, when it comes to Game 1, Mother Nature is…wait for it…bringing the heat. HEY-O!!!!!

But Kershaw doesn’t think much of it: “Yeah, it is going to be hot. But, no, I don’t think it’s going to change anything. I think by 5 o’clock, the sun will be down. They’re from Houston. I’m from Texas. It’s going to be hot for everybody. We’re all used to it.”

I guess you could say Kershaw isn’t…..SWEATING IT.


And Keuchel isn’t that bothered either. “I mean, it’s the World Series. So if it’s a little hotter than usual, that’s fine with me. There’s no place I’d rather be.”

And that means a lot more coming from Keuchel who’ll roll out to the mound with that giant sweater attached to his face. My man has one of the thickest, most luxurious beards in major league baseball and it’ll be amazing if that thing isn’t three pounds heavier because of all the sweat. And no, he’s not shaving it before the game. He’s said that he’ll take it down if they win the World Series, but he’s not changing it now. Nor should he.

Keuchel and Kershaw are both horses. They’re not going to be complaining about the thermometer the day before the biggest starts of their lives. They know the deal. This is exactly what they want. Well, except for the fact that the ball jumps out of the park in 90 degree weather. And if this wind keeps up, and is blowing out, look the hell out. Because infield pop-ups will be leaving the yard.

And no, I’m not interested in hearing from any of you who live in Palm Springs, or Death Valley, or the Arizona about how the expected high of 101 isn’t that hot. And how we’re soft for complaining about something that barely cracks triple digits. I know… you live in much hotter temps. Good for you. But you’re not hosting the World Series.

And nobody’s hosted the World Series in weather like this. According to John Thorn, MLB’s official history, no World Series game has been played in a stadium without a roof above 81 degrees in the last 40 years. Well, that’s definitely happening today. Because it’s supposed to be anywhere from 95 to 97 for the first pitch tonight.

Good luck, everyone. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. And don’t go passing out on me.



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