Tampa Bay ace Chris Archer joined The Jim Rome Podcast and the free-flowing conversation veered towards one of the pitcher’s recent tweets, that “baseball is more fun when players show emotion.” As Archer experienced during his time as a gold-medal winner on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, he saw first hand how the teams that played with enthusiasm created an incredible environment for their fans and fed off of it. The 29-year old thinks it’s part of a growing trend in Major League Baseball.

“I think right now, the game is re-writing itself,” Archer said. “Go back to the World Baseball Classic. We saw the passion that the Latin American countries showed, and I think that rubbed off on us over in the US, just to show the game is fun.”

While baseball has always followed a code of unwritten rules, Archer believes that bringing some of the fun back into the game has reminded baseball players why they fell in love with the sport in the first place.

“Yeah, it’s a job and we’re out there and we have to do it every single day,” Archer said. “But it’s a game, it’s the same game we’ve been playing since we were 10 years old, and some of my greatest memories from baseball, whenever I was younger, were just having fun with the boys, playing summer ball. It means something, but you just have to remember it’s a game.”

With baseball’s postseason taking center-stage as the World Series kicks off between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, Archer expects the emotion and excitement to just continue to ramp up. But he also understands that you’ve got to be able to handle both sides of those emotional swings.

“If they get a big out they show emotion. If they get a big homer, they show emotion. Every play right now is big in the playoffs,” Archer said. “So Yasiel Puig sliding into third base, doing his head shake pump thing, people like that.

“The only thing is basically being the same person when times are tough. But for me, I want guys to show emotions. And I’ve had somewhat of an issue with it in the past because I was a little too uptight myself. But it’s a game, man. And everybody is out there trying to have fun. And like we’ve witnessed, the fans enjoy it more when players show emotion. We show that we care, we show that it means something.”

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