We’re just a few games into the 2017-18 NBA season and it’s already on pace to be the saltiest season ever. There’s Kyrie and the Cavs. Beverley and Lonzo. Eric Bledsoe and hair salons, allegedly, possibly, probably not. And now the Warriors v. Mavericks. Yep.

Well, it’s not a full-on salt-fest yet, but after what rookie Jordan Bell pulled late in last night’s game, we’ve got the makings of something. The Warriors were up 25 with less than three minutes left when all of this went down. Roll it…

To recap, the rookie blocked a three-pointer, got the pass on the break, tossed it off the backboard and then dunked in front of the Dallas bench. The old self-alley-oop. My man was breaking out dunk contest material in a regular season game. And did in the midst of an absolute beatdown.

I’m not sure what was more impressive – the dunk or the reaction from the Warriors bench. Kevin Durant looked like he’d seen a ghost. Steph Curry looked like, well, he looked like he’d never seen anything like that before. He was just incredulous. That takes some serious stones for a rookie to do that. Stones or something else, because that is the kind of thing that pisses off vets and old school guys.

Steve Kerr knows that, which is why he tried to apologize to Rick Carlisle after the game and said that he’d be talking to Bell.

But not everyone had a problem with it. Draymond Green had quite the opposite reaction, he loved it. His only problem with the dunk was that Bell didn’t hit the free throw on the and-one.

And as long as we’re talking Draymond and rookies attempting dunks, there’s no way I wasn’t going to talk about Maverick rook Dennis Smith Jr. testing Green in the third quarter.

You think Draymond was waiting for a moment like that? Hell yes he was. And he was fully prepared for it. And then was happy to jaw with Smith afterwards. And he was happy to talk about it even further after the game. “That bleep ain’t happening” and “This ain’t summer league, bro” are two of the best lines that will be uttered all season. And “I got Instagram” is strong too. Feel free to work those into everyday life. When someone gets their credit card rejected at a store, that’s the perfect time to drop a “that bleep ain’t happening” on them. Or if someone’s rushing to catch the elevator and you just don’t feel like waiting, shout “this ain’t summer league, bro” as the doors close.

In fact, “this ain’t summer league, bro” can be used for just about any occasion. When someone tries to go with an oh-so-fresh reset like “that’s a clown question, bro,” hit ‘em with a “this ain’t summer league, bro” and keep on moving.


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