Hey Cleveland, just wanted to check in, how are you doing today? More specifically, Browns fans, how are you holding up? You know it’s a bad sign when I’m checking on Browns fans the morning after a game that they didn’t play, but from now on, that’s how it’s going to be every time Carson Wentz has a monster game. And he had a monster game last night.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but you guys could’ve had that guy. You know, the guy who went 17 for 25 for 268 yards and 4 touchdowns, and also ran for 63 yards last night. The guy who leads the league in TD passes, the guy who set a franchise record for most touchdown passes in the first 7 games of a season. The guy who has his team at 6-1 and is on top of the MVP race at the moment.

Instead, you have Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer, and 22 losses in the last 23 games. I’m not necessarily giving up on Kizer just yet, but he hasn’t exactly made that trade look like a win for the Browns. In fact, nothing has looked like a Browns win, aside from that one game they actually won last year.

But this isn’t all about what the Browns didn’t or couldn’t do. It’s about what Wentz is doing. Because he’s doing some special things. How many times did it look like he was going to be sacked, only to slip the tackle and make a play, as he did on this play in the third quarter.

I have no idea how he made that happen. He should’ve been sacked well before he got rid of the ball and yet he still made an incredible throw. Wentz was good last year, but he’s bordering on great this year. And this is only his second season.

And then there was the third down early in the fourth quarter when it looked like he was going to be taken down, except he never was. That one even fooled safety Malcolm Jenkins who saw the start of the play and walked back to the bench to get his helmet, only to glance up at the video board and see that “He was still running. That’s the magic of Carson Wentz.”

That has to sting, eh C-Town? The magic of Carson Wentz? When was the last time anyone in Browns gear was referred to as “magic”?

But it wasn’t just magical. According to Nelson Agholor, it was “amazing. We didn’t know how he did that. Three, four plays later we are still on the sideline trying to figure out how he did that.”

And it’s not just teammates. LeSean McCoy hopped on twitter to say: Sheesh Carson SUPER NICE !! And you know Shady isn’t exactly going out of his way to hype an Eagle for no reason.

But it’s really hard not to hype Wentz after last night. And you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s only his 23rd NFL start and so we don’t want to get too amped, too early. But…it is still only his 23rd NFL start and he’s playing the way he played last night, in primetime against a division rival? How do you explain that? How do you not get hyped when you see what he does and what he doesn’t do? The fact that he doesn’t freak out, the fact that he’s so composed and so in control in pressure situations. The guy practically iced the division title in mid-October and he’s yet to play two full seasons.

That doesn’t mean that he’s the greatest quarterback ever or even the best quarterback in the NFC right now, but it sure as hell looks like he is.

I don’t know if he’ll be the MVP, but if I had to vote right now, I’d give it to him. And I know this… he’s better than anyone Cleveland has now or has had for decades. And they could have had him. Except they thought they were smarter than everyone else, only to outsmart themselves. And they’re not smarter than everyone else. Just worse than everyone else. And every touchdown pass he throws or sack he escapes is going to be a little more salt in the wounds for Cleveland. Because he could’ve been yours. But he’s not. He’s Philly’s and they can’t get enough of him.


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