Info & Stats: Former MLB Outfielder

All Topics: World Series Game 1 reaction | Dave Roberts | Houston Astros | Playing in the World Series | Intensity goes up come World Series time | Rickey Henderson | Kirby Puckett | Pedro Martinez | Working with Pedro now |

Oct 25th 2017

Gary on playing in a World Series: “How the intensity goes up.”



June 6th 2017

All Topics: His piece in the Players Tribune | Not watching baseball as much as he has in the past | Not enough stars in baseball | There was no steroid era | Pitchers throwing at hitters | Buster Posey not getting involved in the Harper vs. Strickland fight | Never respect guys who didn’t get involved in the fights | Strickland and Posey were cowards | Today’s rules | Infield shifts |

Gary on the steroid era in Major League Baseball: “There’s no such thing as a steroid era. It’s a baseball era.”


Oct 12th 2016

All Topics: Last night’s San Francisco Giants loss to Chicago | Question Bruce Bochy decision making last night with his bullpen | Momentum in the playoffs | Toronto Blue Jays | Toronto’s lineup | Working with Pedro Martinez | His uncle | Doc Gooden | His generation vs. present | No trade clause back in the day

Gary on Doc Gooden’s ongoing battle with drug addiction: “I spoke with him. Yeah, he’s trying to get the help he needs.”



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