10/26/2017 Game 2, Girardi, Bouye

Hour 1

One Hell Of A Game 2 | A.J. Bouye (NFL) Interview | First Time Caller Challenge


Hour 2

Joe Girardi Out As Yankees Manager | Fullerton Grad Calls In | World Series Game 2 Talk


Hour 3

Preston Brown (NFL) Interview | Allen Lazard (College Football) Interview | DeMarcus Cousins Back In Sac Town



A.J. Bouye

Jacksonville Cornerback on if this 2017 Jaguars team is good enough to make the playoffs: “I believe we can.”


Allen Lazard

Iowa State Wideout on their approach against No. 4 TCU, Saturday: “Just focus on who we are and what we do best.”


Preston Brown

Buffalo Linebacker on playing for Sean McDermott: “He’s always excited.”



One Hell Of A Game 2

Even Dodger fans, as distraught as they may be feeling waking up after that, have to admit, that was an awesome game.
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Don’t Question Roberts

He has the best bullpen in baseball and you want to use it.
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What do you think the most used word in my Twitter mentions is right now?
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Girardi Out As Yankees’ Manager

I guess that comeback against Cleveland wasn’t enough to save his job: one game away from the World Series and he gets fired so obviously something wasn’t right there.
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Lakers Rally Around Lonzo

Last night was yet another date on the Lonzo Ball Debut Tour. This time, the opponent was John Wall and the Washington Wizards.
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