If you think a game like Game 2 is only getting one take, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you think it’s only getting two takes. You’d still be wrong. I could spend the whole show breaking down all the freaky moments and wacky plot twists, the moves that were made and the moves that weren’t made. But one thing is very clear: we’ve got ourselves a series.

Oh, and the Jungle Karma is strong. A.J. Hinch comes on the show yesterday morning, hours before the start of Game 2, does a great interview, and then gets a great win and we are all treated to a great game.

There are two ways of looking at how everything went down from the 8th inning on – that the Dodgers blew it or the Astros ripped it. And it’s a little of both, but definitely more of the latter. Houston was five outs away from going down 0-2 and having lost both games that their big arms started. The only way back into the series for them was to score against a bullpen that had 28 scoreless innings in the postseason and was 98-0 when leading after the 8th inning. And they did it.

And yes, maybe you’re tempted to question Dave Roberts use’ of the bullpen last night, taking out Rich Hill after four innings, and turning it over to the bullpen. And to that I would say, that bullpen had 28 scoreless innings in the postseason and was 98-0 when leading after the 8th inning.

Sure, Rich Hill had only thrown 60 pitches, but on a night anything and everything was happening, you can’t tell me that it was a lock that Rich Hill was going to throw a scoreless fifth. That bullpen is a weapon and Dave Roberts has used it extremely well. He has the best bullpen in baseball and you want to use it. You go with your strengths and I’d argue that Kenley Jansen isn’t a strength.

And if Jansen is a strength, then Jansen’s cutter is the strongest strength you can find.. Jansen gave up three hits off that pitch in an entire season. So of course he went with that for his 0-2 pitch to Marwin Gonzalez. And the most unpredictable thing ever happened – Gonzalez went yard.

That’s an 0-2 pitch and Jansen flat out missed the spot. Marwin didn’t miss his. Kenley wanted it up and in, it ended up down the middle. And over the fence. That’s not on Dave Roberts. If Kenley does what Kenley always does and gets the save, Roberts is a genius. Instead, we’re dissecting every move he made because one pitch was in the wrong spot. If that’s in a better place, the Dodgers are headed to Houston up 2-0. And the series might already be over.

But it wasn’t and they aren’t. And sometimes you have to just tip your cap and move on.

But if you’re a Dodger fan, you now know what you’re dealing with. You now know that everything’s changed. The Dodgers bullpen barely suffered a scratch in the postseason and the Astros made them bleed. And once they opened that up, it was a full blown hemorrhage.

Alex Bregman started the chaos with the ground-rule double in the 8th and reminding everyone that if you didn’t know who he was before this series, you will know who he is before it’s over. Love this guy’s game and his confidence. Total brass.

But then again, this whole Astros team is totally brass. They freaking battle. They battled to tie the game in the ninth, they battled to take the lead in the tenth, and they battled to win the game in the 11th, after their bullpen couldn’t hold it in the tenth.

And that’s the thing that has to scare the Dodgers, because when that Astros offense shows up, they show up big. They roll deep and every time you turn around, it feels like Springer’s at the plate, with Bregman behind him, and Altuve and Correa standing up in the dugout. Their big bats woke up and when that offense is rolling, look the hell out.

That series looked like it might have been over. And now it’s not only over, it is on. And at this rate, 7 games won’t be enough. I want 15.


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