I guess that comeback against Cleveland wasn’t enough to save his job: one game away from the World Series and he gets fired so obviously something wasn’t right there. You’d think with a young team that overachieves, where you’re  ahead of schedule, you’d have some job security. But not here.

They have a roster built for the next several years and obviously Girardi wasn’t the guy they wanted calling the shots with this group. In other words, right players, wrong manager.

This move obviously tells you Girardi wasn’t on the same page as his players. Or the general manager. And if they have to choose between Brian Cashman or Joe Girardi, Cashman wins that battle every single time. And he should.

That said; Girardi was a good Yankee and soldier and a good enough manager: he won a world title and took them to the playoffs six times in 10 years: so if you’re going to whack him, you better have a better replacement ready to go; and I’m not sure who that is.

But I’ll tell you the type of guy it should be: both the managers we’re watching right now: A.J. Hinch and Dave Roberts. And I’d throw Torey Lovullo into that mix as well.

Dynamic, charismatic leaders, who players love and go hard for, and new aged guys who embrace analytics but who played the game at the highest level and understand it. Girardi had some of that, but not all of that.

So while it may seem surprising that a guy who had his team within one game of the World Series, got broken off. It really isn’t. Not if it’s that team, in that town and he had been there ten years. Then, the surprise would have been if it didn’t happen.


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