What do you think the most used word in my Twitter mentions is right now? If you listened to the third hour of the show yesterday—then you already know. Because in the third hour the show—freaking Astros skipper, A.J. Hinch showed up. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again today: That’s a legendary move. Not a lot of big league managers are grabbing a vine for a 10 minute spot on game day of the World Series—especially coming off a loss Tuesday night. But A.J.  did. Because A.J.  is a straight boss like that. And a friend of the program if there ever was one.

So go check my mentions on TweetDeck right now and the by far and away the most popular word lobbed my last night and this morning is: Karma. Specifically—JungleKarma.

Needless to say, H-Town is pretty happy with me right now. Los Angeles? Not so much.

Charlie Bush @charliebush77

Romey, shame on you. You gave them jungle karma. We need a Dodger on tomorrow and Friday. Hook it up.

popsoner79 @pops_oner

Wish you didn’t have AJ Hinch on today Romey. #junglekarma

mike garber @garbs

I blame Jim Rome for giving the Astros karma.

Josh K @JKusnit

Can you please also book Dave Roberts today to even out the karma? Thanks.

This is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone for the one millionth time that I do not control the Jungle Karma. It’s beyond my power. It is a mysterious force. It doesn’t play favorites. And neither do I. I just host a talk show. And there’s not a single person who does what I do that would turn down having a World Series manager on their show.

So don’t come at me, LA. In fact, back the hell off. Because Dave Roberts, and Cody Bellinger have both come on this year. I just do my show and the Karma does its thing. Again, they don’t pay me to root. They pay me to do a sports program. And every now and again, a skipper is gonna swing through on a World Series game day, and his club is gonna win one of the most dramatic games of all-time.

So get off me and get off the Karma. It is what it is. And it’s not my problem. And as Conor McGregor would say: I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely no one.


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