Getting lost in Kiko Alonso’s guillotine job of Joe Flacco—and Ndamukong Suh’s choke hold on Ryan Mallet’s throat—was what played out on the NFL Network set before the game.

Look, talking about the media isn’t my thing at all. But Steve Smith, Sr. is. I’m on record with it, I love the guy, he is one of my favorite athletes and interviews. I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone in life, athlete, entertainer or otherwise, run on the kind of fuel this guy does. He’s fierce. He’s a savage… and was an unbelievable player and at 5-9 one of the most intimidating guys in the history of the planet. Oh and the one and only guy to ever drop a “butthole” blast on this show. Actually, that’s not true, Boo Weekly did too.

I love him… but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But everyone knows this is not the cat you want to be on the wrong side of, not the kind of guy you want to agitate, especially since he’s generally minding his own business and not looking to start anything with anyone else.

And if you caught any of the pregame show last night—it’s very possible that Michael Irvin just purchased beachfront real estate on the wrong side of Steve Smith, Sr.

For context, Steve Smith, Sr. is on location in Baltimore for the game. Michael Irvin is back in studio. And Mike had apparently been giving Steve a hard time for his plaid pants earlier in the show. So, Mike sets up like he’s about to apologize for that. And that his wife wanted to him to make good with Steve. Here’s how that played out.

Just to be clear—Steve wasn’t smiling. He’s either the best method actor of all-time—or he’s actually going to whoop Mike Irvin’s ass. And if I’m Mike, I’m not sticking around to find out. In fact my next move is catching an Uber to LAX.

Look, I’m not in that house. I don’t know their relationship. I don’t know how serious Steve was. But I know how serious he is… And I know that while everyone else on the show was yucking it up and laughing, Steve didn’t crack a smile… I also know Mike a little bit… you know he’s not afraid, although maybe in this case he should be.

So I don’t know what happens next, maybe they’re just pimping each other, maybe that’s how these guys, on that show, roll or maybe Steve is going to fly to L.A., get off the plane and immediately knock Mike out.

Whatever that was last night—it was awesome. And it was way better than anything that happened in that 40-0 game.

Michael Irvin is one of the best to ever do it. A hall of famer. If anyone could talk junk to Steve Smith about receiving, maybe it’s Mike: but Irvin is a not a hall of famer clothier or tailor and he shouldn’t be going in on Steve Smith for what he’s wearing… man! That can only end badly.

89. Bottom line. When are dudes going to learn?. Leave 89 alone. Unless you want a busted jaw… this is not a dude you want to try. Believe me he doesn’t have time for that B.S..


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