The Chicago Bulls got their first win of the season last night, beating Atlanta 91-86, and if you ask Robin Lopez, some of the credit should go to Britney Spears. And I know what you’re thinking, what now? What is she doing with her life?

No, she’s not with the team. Robin found a framed photo of the pop icon in Toronto and now has it hanging in his locker. And now the team is feeling both “LUCKY” and “STRONGER,” but not all is well. In fact, you could say that some elements of the locker room are downright “TOXIC.” Hey-o!!!!

You’ll recall that before the season started, Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic got into it. And then Bobby’s fist got into Nik’s skull. According to reports, the two players, sorry, the TWO TEAMMATES, had been jawing at each other in practice and Nik charged at Portis not once, but twice, and that Portis dropped him.

And now Nik has two broken bones in his face and Portis has been suspended for eight games. Oh, and Nik still hasn’t had surgery on his face because he’s still in the concussion protocol.

Head coach Fred Hoiberg said that Nik is recovering, though: “The dizziness is starting to go away. The headaches are subsiding. The important thing is he’s making progress. He’ll have a meeting with the ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctors next week. That’ll be the next time we most likely have an update on him.”

In the meantime, there has been another update. KC Johnson, who covers the team for the Chicago Tribune, tweeted: New development: There are indications Mirotic now would pass on veto and accept trade, per sources. Mirotic can’t be traded until Jan. 18.

Whatever happens, it’s clear there’s pessimism Portis and Mirotic can co-exist moving forward.

Really? Pessimism that they can co-exist moving forward? What gave you that impression? The fact that Portis made an impression on Nik’s face?

Why is the team being so hasty in this decision? Kind of feels like a rush to judgment to me. Let’s let all the facts come in before we make a final ruling and decide that they can’t co-exist. Let the fellas hang out a little. Maybe spend some time on the practice court. Who knows, maybe roughhouse a little, that could solve it.

So one player rushed another player twice and then got his face caved in? Is that really a sign that they don’t get along? Since when??. Who doesn’t deck their best friends every now and then?. It happened to me in high school: my best friend in high school, was a kid named Spots… great guy: to this day one of my best friends: brilliant guy: granted he had about 6 inches on me and one 100 pounds.

Just because you clobber a co-worker doesn’t mean that you can’t collaborate on a project. They shared a punch, does that automatically mean they won’t be able to share the rock?

If you thought the Suns had an uphill battle trying to get value for Eric Bledsoe after the “I don’t wanna be here” tweet incident, the Bulls have an even tougher challenge trying to get value after the face rearranging incident. Who would you rather have – the puncher or the punchee?

The value for Portis and Nik weren’t exactly through the roof before that incident and now everyone knows the team has to make a deal. You always want to have leverage in trade talks and nothing gives you less leverage than a team knowing that if you don’t make a deal, someone’s getting their face smashed in… Again.


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