There have been some good games on Thursday Night Football and there have been some bad games on Thursday Night Football and then there were the Miami Dolphins last night.

It wasn’t that they lost 40-0. Or that Kiko Alonso nearly took off Joe Flacco’s head. Or that Ndamukong Suh nearly went Undertaker Choke Slam on Ryan Mallet. Or that they couldn’t run the ball. Or that they couldn’t pass the ball. Well, actually, it’s all of those things. And yet it’s so much worse.

Remember when all those Dolphin fans were cheering when Jay Cutler got injured because they couldn’t wait to see Matt Moore. Well, you got the full-on Matt Moore Experience last night and it was just what you should’ve expected from Matt Moore. 25 of 44 for 176 yards. That’s not great. Neither is the fact that on four of Miami’s first ten possessions they gained negative yards. San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Moore would’ve moved the offense better than Miami Dolphin Matt Moore did.

However, he did manage to hook up with C.J. Moseley for this touchdown…

But, but, but, wait it gets worse. Because Moore wasn’t done giving out early Halloween treats. He still had time to squeeze in this one to Jimmy Smith…

Two pick-sixes in one game? Are we sure that wasn’t Matt Schaub in a Matt Moore costume?

And after the game, Moore was philosophical: “This is tough. These are hard ones. You don’t ever go into a week preparing and expect it to turn out like this. I don’t know what to say right now. It’s just tough, tough. We got to figure some stuff out. I got to figure some stuff out.”

Wait, there was preparation in the buildup to this game? Because it didn’t look like it. It looked like a bunch of dudes who just showed up at the stadium, found out they were wearing matching uniforms and decided to play a football game.

How bad was Matt Moore? Jay Cutler went from being the problem to the solution. That’s how bad Matt Moore was.

But it wasn’t all bad from the Dolphins. Some of it was terrible. Like Kiko Alonso’s hit on Joe Flacco…

That was brutal. Absolutely brutal. Flacco was sliding, clearly giving himself up, and Alonso buried him. That should be a textbook case for ejection, but apparently it’s not. Don’t get me wrong. I’m never looking for a guy to get ejected, fined, or suspended. But if a quarterback slides, gets blown up, gets his helmet knocked off, appears to be practically out on the field, and goes straight into concussion protocol, and that doesn’t get an ejection, what will? I get that officials are really reluctant to eject players, but that’s the only way you’re going to get hits like that out of the game. Maybe that was acceptable a few years ago, but the game has changed.

Then again, if you asked Kiko, that wasn’t on him, that was on Flacco: “It was bang-bang. It got to a point where I thought maybe if he slid a second sooner — I was anticipating him to slide and I was gonna not hit him. It was a second late, which is why I hit him.”

Right. Good point. To hear Kiko tell it, Flacco probably should’ve been ejected for his slide. His timing on the slide was off, which is why he slid into you and nearly got decapitated. The whole point of a quarterback sliding is that he’s giving himself up. You don’t have to tackle him at that point and you certainly don’t have to blow him up.

And then there’s Ndaumkong Suh, who by all accounts has had pretty good behavior since arriving in Miami, well, until last night. First there was an unnecessary roughness penalty for pinning offensive lineman Ryan Jansen. And then in the fourth quarter, Suh jumped offside and pushed Ryan Mallett, who had already handed off the ball. When Mallett came back at him with a chest bump, Suh grabbed him by the throat. Seems like a pretty crazy escalation coming from the guy who committed the penalty in the first place, but it was all very reasonable according to Suh.

“Simple as this: He came at me, tried to attack me, and I’m protecting myself.”

He came at you? You jumped offside and shoved him after he handed off the ball. By very definition, you came at him. Of course he’s going to get irritated by that and bump you. And so then you brought a grenade launcher to that knife fight by grabbing him by the throat. Or let me guess, you were just going Bobby Knight on dude, looking to reposition him on the field.  By his throat.

Makes total sense. Just like everything else the Dolphins did last night. Here’s the thing I can’t figure out, how did this team go into last night with a 4-2 record? How did they win 1 game, let alone 4. Every team can have a bad night, but that was a horrible night. And from the looks of it, Adam Gase has a nightmare on his hands and Jay Cutler is the smallest part of it.


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