Meanwhile… Tennessee fan, how you livin’? That question was rhetorical, because I already know the answer. Not well. How do I know? Because your football complex still has a parking spot reserved for Head Coach Butch Jones.

Look, I’m not here to rip any food off of anyone’s table today. I’m not here to get anyone fired. But how the hell hasn’t this guy been fired? You can point to any number of fireable offenses, yet, he’s still gainfully employed. Good work if you can get it.

What would you give to have a job, and incredible job, and an extremely well-paying job, and no matter how bad you are at that job, they can’t fire you. That’s awesome. And that’s Butch Jones. Quick recap for you.

Butch Jones has NEVER beaten Alabama. He is 1-4 against Florida. This year he is winless in SEC play. AAAAAND my man just lost to Kentucky for only the second time since 1985. Let me repeat that… He can’t beat Bama, can’t beat Florida, and now he can’t beat Kentucky. It’s year 5.

And just to add a bag full of rock salt into that open wound on Rocky Top, Florida went ahead and canned Jim McElwain… in year 3. And that’s after BACK-TO-BACK SEC East Titles! How’s that grab ya, Knoxville? You can’t even beat Florida when it comes to firing your coach first. Then again, I guess Butch’s Championship of Life carries a lot more weight than I thought.

And now Vol fans are starting a hashtag #EmptyNeyland campaign. They’ve got the fifth largest stadium in the country and they want it to be completely empty until Butch is out of work. An embarrassing look to cap off one of the most embarrassing coaching stints in recent memory… for ANY school. No joke.

From claiming he only recruits guys with FIVE-STAR HEARTS to hoisting Rubbermaid trash cans on the sidelines during games, this dude is a buried game ball or destroyed game tape away from hitting for the LAME cycle. Hell, Derek Dooley once taught his Tennessee team the proper techniques of how to shower. And even that isn’t  as bad as the gimmick’s Butch has pulled up on Rocky Top. Or to quote, Brad in Corona, he’s a gimmicky little betch!

Tennessee hasn’t won a natty since Bill Clinton was in office. They haven’t even won their division, a weak one at that, in over a decade. With each passing week, Tennessee only falls further and further into irrelevance. And Vol fan, if you don’t like what I’m saying about your program, just be glad I’m saying ANYTHING about your program.

Don’t blame Van Smack. Blame the Vol Administration.

Here we are at Halloween, Butch Jones is a true zombie, by every extent of the word. The dude is completely lifeless both on the sidelines and off, and he absolutely cannot be killed. Props to him, though. He may not know how to win, but the dude certainly knows how to survive.


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