Tom Brady is going to play football forever. At least that’s the bet in New England. And as you think about all the great players that the Hood has sent packing — seriously, the list could be the coat-check in Canton — understand this: Tom Brady is different. At least that’s what he’ll have you believe. And that’s what the hood is banking on.

That Brady is the mold-breaker. That he is the exception to the Patriots rule. Remember all that speculation over the summer, that despite ripping another ring, Belichick was considering turning the keys to the franchise over to Jimmy Garoppolo, and that the Hood would eventually do to Brady what he did to Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins, Mike Vrabel, Wes Welker, Ty Law, Adam Vinatieri, Richard Seymour, Lawyer Malloy and Drew Bledsoe. That while the greatest Patriot, if not NFL’er ever, Brady still wasn’t going to beat Father Time. Because no one does. And no one ever will. Old man time, is undefeated. That was the thought then, but the fact that they’re sticking with this guy, and going all in with him tells you they think Brady can stand in the middle of the ring and trade haymakers with Father Time. That F.T. has never gone toe-to-toe with a super-model marrying, strawberry-hating, avacado ice-cream eating, performance PJ-wearing 40-year like Thomas Edward Patrick Brady.

Because now, the Hood is ride or die with TB12. The Hood spun Jimmy G off for a high 2nd rounder from San Francisco —  — and is rolling with the GOAT instead of the 26-year-old that’s spent the last 3.5 years waiting in the wings. And after having maybe the most envious depth chart in the NFL heading into Labor Day weekend with Brady backed up by Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett, there’s only one man in the QB room right now. And he can triple park that 365,000 Aston Martin super car every day. At least until Brian Hoyer shows up. Well, even then.

Bold, bold decision by the Hood. GOING ALL IN ON A 40-YEAR OLD MAN. And very un Patriots like as well. Because the Hood doesn’t bet on the old guy. The Hood would rather cut bait too early than too late. Obviously. We’ve seen him do it over and over again. But it’s a huge gamble and big bet, especially given the fact that Brady is getting hit and sacked more now than at any time in his career. But he’s still playing at a really high level, he’s not getting hurt and they’re betting that it’s only going to continue.

Now, is a second rounder enough for Garoppolo? No. Not in the sense that they could have done better. Not now, but in the offseason when the market was obviously better.  Of course, they could have gotten more then than they did just now… But they owed it to themselves to try and make it work with Garoppolo, a guy that they reportedly still think can be a star in this league. But the math just didn’t work. Not when they’d have to pay him like a star just to keep him. Not when they’d have to butcher their salary cap and gut the defense to keep him holding a clipboard. And not when they couldn’t give him the one thing that he wanted more than money: Playing Time.

And according to NBC Boston, Garoppolo “couldn’t get on the plane fast enough.”

Bottom line, this guy wants what everyone in his situation wants: His money.. and his playing time… and the Pats did everything they could to give it to him and when they finally realized they couldn’t, they cut bait and got what that they could for him… a second rounder.

As for the Niners, that’s a good deal for them. Kyle Shanahan liked Garoppolo coming out of college when he was with the Browns, and obviously still likes him now… and while most figured Shanahan was going to be reunited with Kirk Cousins, that was no lock, so they got the best available q.b in the meantime.

Now, everyone else in that Frisco locker room has a reason to believe and they can put Garoppolo into their system immediately and start developing him accordingly. Love the move for the Niners.

As for the Pats, I’m not going to sit here and say it’s a great move because they always get it right. And that the Hood is never wrong. They don’t always get it right. And the Hood has been wrong. Only time will tell here but it’s clear, he’s all in and rolling with the big dawg; and it’s brass play and a big freaking swing. So they better hope Brady’s right when he says he can play into his 40s and injuries aren’t a concern. He and they better be right. Because this is a huge bet.



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