Today may be the first day of November, but up on Chavez Ravine, they’re hoping to extend one more day of JOC-TOBER.

Question… with a lineup full of guys like Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, and even Yasiel Puig… how is it the 25-year-old, platoon outfielder, who lost his starting job to Chris Taylor earlier this summer has become this team’s biggest offensive threat?

When you check his resume, it shouldn’t be THAT big of a surprise. He was called up in 2014. Made the All-Star Game as a rookie. Took Todd Frazier to the brink in the Home Run Derby. But then you check out this guy’s second half of this season, and that’s where the shock comes into effect.

This is a cat who was whiffing so hard, he was  sent down to Oklahoma City in mid-August until the end of the Triple-A season. But then even when he came back, he  struggled again and was ultimately left off the NLDS roster. The guy had TWO homers after the All-Star Break. Two. Now? He has THREE in this World Series. The guy had SIX HITS in his final 63 at bats in the bigs and Triple-A combined… Now? He’s now got six hits in the World Series alone… all extra base hits.

And not only that, the dude is a spark plug for his team. When he jumps ship, he’s going to let you AND his team know it. Flipping his bat, pounding his chest, jump high fives with his third base coach, going all Kirk Cousins with it…

And my personal favorite…. stopping to flash the Money Manziel to his own dugout while rounding third. Dude. Was. LIT!


Old timers will say he’s disrespecting baseball. Correction, the dude is disrespecting BASEBALLS. Plural. He’s straight mashing them. Just launching souvenirs to the bleachers on the reg. And ONLY THEN does he celebrate the hell out of it with raw, World Series adrenaline and emotion. He even celebrates homeruns that aren’t homeruns.  Something he should probably work on. But that’s another conversation or another time.

Look, has anyone outside of Brian McCann launched a homer WITHOUT pimping it this series?

Jose Altuve doesn’t have a problem with it: “He was happy he hit a homer. I’d do the same thing.”

Even the elder 37-year-old Rich Hill doesn’t see anything wrong with it: “It’s what’s so great about sports. You see that true, raw emotion when that HR was hit, it was incredible.”

Frankly, given how far he fell and where he’s been… I don’t think he’s pimping them enough. If you think the Dodgers turnaround from Game 5 to Game 6 was unbelievable, Joc Pederson’s turnaround from September has been even more unbelievable.

Now the Dodgers are hoping for one more day of JOCTOBER.  This dude has been unbelievable.  And one of the guys I thought would have the least impact, is having the most: and they wouldn’t be here. Joc freaking Pederson if you need him.


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