Every so often, you have to step up and make a bold statement. Drop a straight truth on people whether they want to hear it or not. And I’m not afraid to do it.

In fact, they pay me to do just that. To say things that other people think but don’t have the stones to actually say. I do. And I will.

And here it is. After  watching Detroit beat Green Bay in Lambeau last night, I’m ready to deliver a stone cold fact…ready for the Fire???: I’m starting to think that the Green Bay Packers aren’t the same team without Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, I said it. And I stand by it. THE GREEN BAY PACKERS ARE NOT THE SAME TEAM WITHOUT AARON RODGERS!!

Look, you don’t just come out and spit molten lava like that without facts to back it up.  Don’t believe me? Want some proof? Let’s start with the fact that Detroit beat Green Bay in Green Bay. The Lions don’t do that. They don’t just go into Lambeau and win. Ever.  For any reason. That’s not how they roll. Before last night, they’d won a grand total of one game in the last 25 years at Lambeau. And they were going into last night’s game having dropped three straight to close out October. Lose last night and the season isn’t over, but the end would be in sight.

So you Lion fans can’t tell me that deep down, you weren’t still fearing the worst. You can’t tell me that you weren’t worried that Aaron Rodgers would somehow run onto the field with the 13 screws in his collarbone and still find a way to beat you. Or that Brett Hundley would channel Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and light up your defense.

But it never happened. Instead, Matthew Stafford was the guy lighting up defenses. 26 of 33 for 361 yards, two touchdowns, and no picks. And he made it look easy. Even when Green Bay tried to make it hard for him by blitzing, he was 12 of 18 for 252 yards and a score. They became the first Lions team in nearly 50 years to go a game without punting.

Lambeau is supposed to be a house of horrors and they turned it into their living room.

If Aaron Rodgers was playing, last night’s game could’ve been a classic. It could’ve been a shootout between two Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Instead, it was Stafford picking apart the Packers and Hundley doing the best he could against the Lions.

Just ask Lions corner Darius Slay: “We just knew that [Brett Hundley] wouldn’t be able to do the stuff that Aaron does at the line of scrimmage, so we just wanted to go out there and make it tough for him. He is a talented guy. He is an NFL quarterback for sure, but we just knew it would be tough for him to make all the checks like [Rodgers] does.”

Hundley can’t make the checks like Rodgers does, he can’t make the throws like Rodgers does, and he can’t pull crazy plays out of his backside like Rodgers does. And that’s not a swipe at Brett Hundley. Almost nobody can do those things.

The fact that there was no Aaron Rodgers definitely made Detroit’s night easier, but don’t look for them to give it back. Nor should they. They had to have it. And they got it.

And we also got further proof that the Packers aren’t the Packers without Aaron Rodgers.   Yeah, I said it. Again. And I’m not coming off it either. That’s why I’m in the pimp in the box and the man behind the mic…because I’m not afraid to say things like that.  THE PACKERS ARE NOT THE SAME TEAM WITH AARON RODGERS. THEY’RE JUST NOT.


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