Ohio State has been burning since Iowa took that torch to them on Saturday afternoon. How do I know? The question is how don’t you. We’ve seen the smoke everywhere. In the stands Saturday, on the Internet since, and hell, even on our phone lines yesterday. Most notably from Susan in Atlanta.

And my phone lines weren’t the only place burning. It also came from a website called Twitter dot com. More specifically from the account @osuwwaterpolo… Ohio State’s Women’s Water Polo official team account. They threw some serious shade Urb’s way with this blast: “OSU Scarlet beats Wisconsin 20-2. At least one Ohio State team knows how to win @osucoachmeyer”

Straight Fire!

Damn. How’s that one taste, Urb? What’s worse is the tweet is coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! It’s one thing to be ripped by the media or fans, or rivals,  but it’s an entirely other thing to be clowned by the Women’s Water Polo team. Your women’s water polo team! That’s not sanctioned sport smack. That’s CLUB SPORT smack. Meaning they’re not getting any athletic department funding to lay that lumber.

Now all 541 of their followers are going to see that kind of vitriolic hate just seeping out of their timelines. Well, they were until the tweet was deleted and the account went protected.

Look, the Internet is in ink. Everyone’s already seen it. Just own it and move forward. Hell, maybe even double down just to drive your point home.

Am I cool with the Buckeye on Buckeye crime? Hell yeah. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk. And the OSU Scarlett did. They didn’t just win. They straight owned Wisconsin… 20-2.

I always say, don’t tweet angry… unless you can back it up with a sick 20-2 win over Wisco… Then tweet whatever the hell you want.

Mainly because this accomplishes two things… it passes along your disdain for your $6 million a year head coach not just losing to Kirk Ferentz, but getting curb stomped and humiliated by him….while also getting word out about Women’s Water Polo.

You could post flyers all over campus for weeks and still not get the amount of attention that this one tweet does. Now everyone is talking Ohio State Women’s Water Polo. Including yours truly.

I’ll be honest, with Monday Night Football last night, the middle of the NBA season, etc. I just didn’t see myself getting to any of my college Water Polo takes today. Don’t get me wrong. I have them. I’m Van Smack. I have takes on everything. I just didn’t think I’d be able to find the time to work them into the show. But thanks to the Women’s Water Polo team going nuclear on Urb, I MADE time.

Look, I kind of laughed off all the Buckeye fans calling for Urb’s head. Fans will say a lot of things when they’re bent. But I’ll be real. I’ve never seen hate and disdain like that pour out from a school’s fellow athletic team like that. It just got real. And honestly, I’m not sure how Urb survives this.

This meaning a Women’s Water Polo blast.

Then again, Urb’s still here. But I’m not sure what happened to the lady Buckeyes water polo team: because their website, Facebook and twitter have all gone dark since.

Hey, Urb, you might be able to erase the women’s’ water polo team, but no one is ever going to forget you going to Iowa and getting your face caved in with a berth to the college football playoff hanging in the balance.

Just like no one is going to forget what Clemson did to you last year and Oklahoma did to you earlier this year. And beating Jim Harbaugh again, will help some, but it’s’ not going to make any of this go away. Just make sure you do, because they’re already starting to turn on you, and if you can’t beat Harbaugh, its’going to get even hotter for you.

Coach em up, Urb, because they sure as hell weren’t ready to play an average Iowa team.


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