So to recap the last few days for Jerry Jones: he’s threatened to sue his fellow owners, has seen his star running back suspended, watched his quarterback get sacked a billion times in a blowout loss to Atlanta, was reported to have threatened to come after Roger Goodell “with everything I have,” supposedly said Patriots owner Bob Kraft is a “bleep compared to what I’m going to do,” had to apologize for a racially insensitive remark, and then watched his team get humiliated by a division rival on television in the worst loss in the house that he built. That’s one hell of ride.

And the crazy thing is, it didn’t look like it was going to end that way last night. At halftime, everything was coming up Jerry. Dallas was winning 9-7, they were shutting down Philly’s vaunted offense, and he was getting his Hall of Fame ring. He even talked at halftime about how he wanted to make the league better and how he wanted Goodell to “provide unprecedented accountability to the ownership.”

Life was good for Jerry at that point. Sweet new ring, beating the division leaders in primetime, he might as well have said, “Hey, Rog, scoreboard! Look up at it! Tell me how my ass tastes.”

And then it all fell apart. The Eagles came out at halftime and just ripped apart the Cowboys, scoring 30 unanswered points, stomping all over Dallas, and ruining Jerry’s party. They went on scoring drives of 75 yards, 90 yards, and 85 yards.

And every time the cameras cut back to the owner’s box, Jerry’s night was getting worse and worse. It was hard to know what took a worse beating last night, Jerry’s team or his pride. Call it a tie. I’m surprised that his head didn’t explode at one point.

And the worst part for Cowboys fans is that Philadelphia beat Dallas in every way, shape and form. There was nothing lucky or fluky about it. On the ground, they had a season-high 215 rushing yards. They ran over Dallas and they ran through them. And when the Cowboys had a shot at bringing down Carson Wentz, he just shook off would-be tacklers and kept on hitting passes. And the Eagles defense forced Dak Prescott into the worst passer rating of his career before his backup took over. Philly went into Dallas and essentially shut down the division before Thanksgiving.

But last night wasn’t about the Eagles or the Cowboys, it was about the guy who said that he wanted “to be inspirational to our players, my players. And I want them to know that I’ll do everything I can to help the Dallas Cowboys and help the NFL, and they should benefit from that.”

Problem is, I’m not exactly sure how inspirational he is. I don’t know that the Cowboys players were distracted by any of the outside noise involving Jerry, but I don’t get the sense they were inspired by it. I doubt they were in the locker room saying, “let’s go out there and win one for that guy who’s dropping p-bombs on Bob Kraft!”

For as much ink as Jerry gets, that Hall of Fame ring is the first ring he’s won in more than two decades. In that same time, New England has a fistful, Denver has three, the Ravens have two, the Giants have two, and teams like the Rams, the Bucs, the Colts, and the Seahawks have more than the Cowboys. Jerry gets a lot of run, but he doesn’t get a lot of wins.

It may be true that nobody wants to win more than Jerry and it’s also true that nobody’s won less and generated more pub than Jerry.

I’d say that last night was a disaster for him, but maybe it wasn’t. Because the story wasn’t about the Cowboys, it was about Jerry. And if it’s about Jerry, that’s just fine with Jerry. If you want drama, Jerry’s your man. If you want winning football teams, look elsewhere. And if you expect that to change, that’s on you, not on Jerry.


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