Ohio State 31, Michigan 20. Ohio State wins. This isn’t news. It’s not news that Jim Harbaugh failed to beat Ohio State. He’s 0-3. Or that he lost a rivalry game. He’s 1-5 in those. Or as an underdog. He’s 0-6 in his last six games as an underdog. Or a game to a Top 10 team. He’s 1-7 against them.

It’ll be news when he actually does beat Ohio State. Or win a big game. Or live up to the hype. At this point, not only is it not news, it’s barely interesting. It’s old. It’s tired. And it’s the same thing over and over again. At this point, I’m not even sure Michigan fans could be bothered getting angry or upset at their coach over this, because it’s so predictable. Even Michigan Man knows it’s going to happen to Harbaugh. And them.

I mean, maybe it’s news that Ohio State came back from down 14 points to win for the first time in the 120 year history of the rivalry. But it’s not surprising. Deep down, even with that lead, Michigan fans knew how it was going to end. Because that’s how it’s ended nearly every time for nearly a decade and a half. And it’s how it’s ended every time since Harbaugh came back to Ann Arbor.

Honestly, I’m not even sure I should be talking about it because here we are at the end of his third regular season and he’s 8-4 and fourth place in the Big Ten East. They’re one spot ahead of Rutgers in the Big Ten East and you don’t hear me rolling in on a Monday to talk Rutgers football.

Suffice it to say, they didn’t pay Jim Harbaugh crazy money to battle with the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers for positioning in the division. If Michigan wanted fourth place, they’d have stuck with Brady Hoke. But they didn’t. They wanted bigger. They wanted better. They just haven’t gotten it.

Don’t get me wrong. Michigan deserves to aim high and want more. They should want  to want to be part of the college football playoff discussion, instead they’re part of the Music City Bowl discussion. They want to be battling for a top four spot in the nation, not a top four spot in the Big Ten East.

Jim Harbaugh has delivered clickbait and headlines, not wins and trophies. But again, this isn’t news. This was the story after he lost to Michigan State earlier this season. And Ohio State last season.

Just like it isn’t news that he doesn’t have a quarterback despite being a former quarterback himself and allegedly a great recruiter. And no, I don’t want to hear from Wolverine fans about Michigan’s quarterback situation and that it wasn’t Harbaugh’s fault; that he dialed up  and called a brilliant game, but had to go with his back up. Ohio State just beat you with their backup, Dwayne Haskins, playing most of the second half after JT Barrett was injured.

The issue wasn’t with John O’Korn throwing one of the all-time worst interceptions you’ll ever see, although it was terrible. The issue is that John O’Korn was in there in the first place. We’re in year three of the Reign of Harbaugh and he still doesn’t have a quarterback. But that’s not news either.

Just like it’s not news that Urban Meyer beat Michigan. He’s 6-0 against them. Or that Ohio State beat Michigan. They’ve done that every time but once in the last 14 years.

At this point, it’s not even surprising that Michigan managed to turn at double-digit lead into a double-digit loss to their biggest rival. At the Big House. Jim Harbaugh was hired to win these games, not blow them. But he did. But this isn’t news.

  1. Steve Varga says:

    Michigan still sucks

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