When Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey traded for point guard Chris Paul this past offseason, his goal was to add a high-caliber player to star alongside James Harden. After spending years in pursuit of the former Clippers All-Pro, he had to wait even longer to see him in a Rockets uniform, an opening night knee injury keeping him from the floor for 14 games. In the latest episode of The Jim Rome Podcast, Morey talked about his goals for the season—historically high goals.

“We’re shooting for best offense ever,” Morey told Rome. “I think we’re a little short of that, because were number two so far this year. I think Golden State has us by a little bit so far, but it’s quite close.”

Chasing Golden State is something that Morey isn’t shy about. The Warriors have set the standard in the NBA and are the organization that the Rockets are targeting.

“Our goal was to close the gap with Golden State this offseason and obviously they’re the class of the league, winning two of the last three titles,” Morey stated. “But we do feel like we are within range of them and we’ve got to prove it on the court. We already beat them once. But we have to prove it every night.”

Morey understands the challenge that comes with taking on the Warriors, a team that he holds in rarified air historically.

“I think for sure they are the best team in NBA history,” Morey said. “Meaning if you take this Golden State and have them play any team, in any era, they will win. In my mind that’s unquestionable. Now relative to era and accomplishments, I think you could definitely argue for other teams. But in terms of just winning a game, they would destroy any team from the 90s, 80s—any era you want to pick. So they are obviously a really, really tough team to go at.”

Morey understands that position won’t go over well with sports fans. But he doesn’t think Michael Jordan’s 72-win Bulls team or Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers could even push Golden State to seven games.

“I don’t think it would be particularly close honestly,” Morey said. “To be fair to those teams, you’re playing under different rules, in terms of the illegal defense rules, and thinks like that. But if you take the current set of rules and the current team, and you take the in-prime teams from the 90s and 80s, there’s no doubt in my mind that Golden State beats them in five or six. It would not go seven.”


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