Plenty of people are enjoying this train wreck of a coaching search Tennessee is conducting right now. But nobody more so than one, Lane Monte Kiffin.

Call this guy whatever you want: a bag, a troll, a weirdo. And you’d probably be right.  But you have to admit, this cat is living his absolute best life right now. Because as Tennessee’s stock plummets, his is soaring. To the point where much of Vol nation is even willing to overlook that he left their school after one 7-6 season for USC just weeks before national signing day just to take him back as their head coach now.

Think on that for a minute. Is there anyone, anywhere, Vol fan hated more than Lane Kiffin when he screwed them? But now, they’d take him back? That’s how desperate Vol nation is. That is truly embarrassing Vol nation. That’s rock bottom. Actually it’s not.  Saying you’d take Lane Kiffin back isn’t rock bottom, saying you take Kiffin back only to have him obliterate you on social media is.

Yesterday he hit Twitter with a photoshopped picture of Kim Jong Un as a Tennessee football coach with the caption: “BREAKING NEWS: Kim Jong Un has turned down the Tennessee job.” As of this morning, 34,000 retweets, 77,000 favorites.

Quick question: Since when did Lane Kiffin become Denlesks? And on the week his team is preparing to battle in the Conference USA title game. Incredible. Any other coach and you’d hear him say, I’m focused on just one thing, North Texas. Then again, Lane isn’t like any other coach. Hell, North Texas probably isn’t even in the top ten of things he’s focused on this week. But we know trolling his former employer is.

Not only is he going all photo shop with it: that wasn’t just some drive by bomb he dropped on them; he also took time to sliding into the DM’s of former Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge. Ainge shared a screenshot of a back and forth he and the Lane Train had, where he told him: “You suck and I don’t ever want you to come back here. Thanks. Bye. You can go anywhere else. Not here.”

To which Kiff responded: “Does your son have ur phone?? Aren’t you a professional [radio] show host?”

Then Ainge hit with: “I am on the flagship and I am a homer. So kinda lol. I think you are a great play caller. Maybe the best I have seen in college other than my guy David Cutcliffe. I’ll stop being a child to you. But I don’t want you to coach here. Good luck.”

And Kiff capped the convo with: “Never said I wanted to. Ha.”

Most Lane thing ever. Dude is tweeting out Kim Jong-un memes about the school he screwed, while getting chewed out in his DM by a former Vols q.b., but Lane Kiffin thing ever. Well, other than the time, he was pulled off the bus and fired on the tarmac at LAX.  That, and other than the time he had Sebastian Janikowski try a 76-yard field goal. And the time Al Davis fired and destroyed him in an hour long power point presentation in his greatest press conference ever. And the time Nick Saban fired him the week of the national championship game. Other than those things, going with the Kim Jong-un meme and going back and forth with a former Vol q.b. in the DM’s is the most Lane Kiffin thing ever.

So what’s going to happen next? Maybe he’s going to hit the YouTube comment section with some straight fire towards Tennessee? Maybe start slapping a Crying Jordan on the school’s General Neyland statue? Is Kiff going to show up in the crowd at College Gameday this weekend with a sign clowning Tennessee? Hell, how long until Kiff dupes Vol fans with a well-timed Rick Roll?

Thing is, it tells you even more about Tennessee that it does Kiffin himself… The fact that they’re being clowned by a guy who was fired by Al Davis, left at the tarmac by USC, canned on the week of the national championship by Nick Saban and uses the alias JOEY FRESHWATER to hit on college co-eds shows you how low Rocky Top has fallen. But look, the Lane Train is rolling full speed downhill right now and CAN NOT be stopped.  And while it looks like this is rock bottom for Tennessee, I’m not sure it is.



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