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Dec 11th 2017

All Topics: Shohei Otani signing with the Angels | Shock about Otani selecting Angels | Still can’t figure out exactly why Otani chose Angels | Otani as a person | Otani was raised in a small farm town before becoming one of the most famous people in Japan | Otani is all about baseball | Otani as a pitcher | Thinks Otani can be a legitimate number one start | Otani has overwhelming stuff | Otani as a hitter | Otani hasn’t played in the field in a while | Otani has elite speed | Giancarlo Stanton traded to the New York Yankees | Marlins got pennies on the dollar for Stanton | Miami’s teardown will be worse than ever | Derek Jeter


Oct 4th 2017

All Topics: AL Wild Card Game last night | Minnesota scoring quickly on Luis Severino | Yanks’ Bullpen | Joe Giradi’s managing job | Yankee fans being so spoiled | Yanks future looks incredible | Bullpen use now a days | Aaron Judge being so comfortable | Cleveland vs. New York | Trevor Bauer pitching Game 1 for Cleveland | NL Wildcard game tonight, Colorado vs. Arizona | Zack Greinke vs. Jon Gray | Atlanta Braves dysfunction | Everyone in the Braves organization turned on John Coppolella








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