Los Angeles! Show me your lightning bolt! Culver City! Calabasas! Redondo! Rosemead! Silverlake! Carson! I want to hear from you!

That takes five years off my life every time I do it. But it still hurts me less than it hurts San Diego Charger Fan.

Look, I’m not here to pour salt. But I do have a bucket of shine with the Chargers name on it. And I don’t care if they play their games at Qualcomm, or a soccer stadium, or a middle school—this team is on one right now.

Just ask the Redskins—who flew cross country to get punched in the face, 30-13. That’s four straight for the Chargers, and seven of the last nine. They’re tied with the Chiefs atop of the AFC West, with a huge showdown with the Chiefs coming up Saturday night.  This is team we all left for dead two months ago on the side of 405—with a sign hanging around their neck that said, “Please take back to San Diego.” If you can haul it, you can have it. 

Now they’re hottest team in the NFL not named the Pats or the Steelers. Don’t take my word for it. How about friend-of-the-show, Mike Freeman, who dropped this on Twitter yesterday“The Chargers could beat any team in football now. I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.”

He’s not wrong. Over the last four games, the Bolts have outscored their opponents, 131-53. You know how you know an LA team is doing well? It’s the easiest metric in the world: The stars come out. And guess which all-time duo was on the sidelines yesterday?

Freaking Slater and Zack Morris! If you want to see proof that Chargers are LA’s team—just head to Mario Lopez’s Twitter feed right now and check out the pic with Mark-Paul Gosselaar (goss-ler). If this winning keeps up, it’s only a matter of time before Luke Perry and Tori Spelling are spotted in the stands.

I don’t care how it ends—it’s been one helluva debut season for the Chargers in LA. From the accidental cannon blast to the four game heater that’s attracted the stars of 80’s teenage sitcoms—it’s been a crazy 13 weeks. And it’s only about to get more insane this Saturday when they roll into Arrowhead with control of the AFC West on the line.

This city just wants to be entertained—and no one anywhere can say that the Chargers haven’t been entertaining.

I don’t care how it ends, but it says here, it’s going to end well. I know you’re supposed to be exactly what your record says you are. But they were not nearly as bad as that 0-4 start indicated.

And they’d be even better than the mark that says they’ve won 7 of their last 9. They’re sure as hell more dangerous than their current 7-6 record right now. They’re not beating people, they’re beating them down, winning each of their last 4 by nearly 20 per game.   The Chiefs may have stopped the bleeding against the Raiders but that says more about the underachieving Raiders than it does Kansas City.

I guess what I’m saying Chiefs fan, I’d rather be them than I would you right now. I guess what I’m saying San Diego Charger fan, I really do feel badly for you. You do deserve better. But you can’t hold it against the players; it’s not their fault. And you really should ask yourself, what’s more important to you: free tacos when they lose, or the team you loved your entire life coming back from the dead to wreck shop and shock the world.


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