Lorenzo Alexander has played 156 games over his 11-year career. But the two-time Pro Bowler experienced a first on Sunday when he had the opportunity to play football in an all-out blizzard, the Buffalo Bills beating the Indianapolis Colts 13-7 in a modern day Snow Bowl.

On Tuesday, Alexander admitted on The Jim Rome Show that the viewers probably enjoyed the game a lot more than he did playing in it.

“It’s more of a pain than anything,” Alexander said on CBS Sports Radio. “Especially going in a certain direction in our stadium. The wind is blowing in your face, so you’re getting snow, ice. You can’t really see anything. And you’re just kind of our there high-kneeing, trying to get to the ball carrier.

“It was just crazy. Looking up on the scoreboard, you know how they show like everybody’s speed, normally top speed is like around 22 mph, for that game it was like 14. It was crazy. It almost felt like a glorified walk-through as far as the speed of the game just because it almost felt like a foot of snow on the game.”

Alexander said because the speed was taken out of the game, it actually helped the players get traction on a field that was piling up snow faster than they could remove it.

“The cutting and footing wasn’t as bad as you’d think it would be, just because you were moving at a much slower rate, because you couldn’t run at top end,” Alexander said. “You saw Shady, the way he was cutting and making guys miss, so it really didn’t affect him at all. But it wasn’t that big of an issue, just more of having to pick your feet up and guys falling and tripping over them, more than anything else.”

As for the thousands of fans who sat through that blizzard at New Era Field, Alexander wasn’t surprised in the least.

“Man, there’s nothing like Buffalo Bills fans, they’re crazy up here, rapid fans,” Alexander said. “You should see the tailgates, so it doesn’t surprise me that they relish these type of conditions out there. You see guys with shirts off, and just having a great time and enjoying it. Whether they were up in the nose bleeds and could barely see the game, or down there right with us, they really enjoyed it. Especially when we were able to win a game, and we just want to continue to try doing it and try to make a playoff run.”​



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