Professional Sports shouldn’t be rocket science. If you can be good, be good. If you can’t be good, be really bad. And if you can’t be good or bad, at least be interesting. All of that leads me to the Chicago Bulls.

Last year, the Bulls were the worst kind of basketball team. They weren’t good. They weren’t bad. And they weren’t even interesting.

But this year? They’ve managed to be all three. And I’m not here to give credit to Fred Hoiberg. Or Gar Forman and John Paxson, who took the team into tank mode and cut Dwan-ye and traded Jimmy Butler. I’m giving credit to Bobby Freaking Portis.

Because from the moment Portis caved in the face of his teammate, Nik Mirotic, this team started checking every freaking box.

Now I’m going to go out on a ledge here and say what Portis did was a risk. Usually, when you put your hand through the face of your teammate, things go in a certain direction. Usually when you put a guy to sleep with one shot at the practice facility, things kind of devolve from there. But not with the Bulls. Hell, that might be the right hand that turned the franchise around. That might be the first that started a dynasty.

Because Portis didn’t get cut. He became like the most popular teammate ever. And then he dropped 21-13-and-4 in his debut after serving his suspension. And now that Mirotic is back after his face finally healed up, Chicago is 4-0, and the big man has gone for 6, 19, 24 and now 29 in last night win over Utah. And after waking up from that nap Portis hit him with, all of a sudden the Bulls are playing like MJ and Scottie’s 96 squad. After winning just 3 of their first 23, Chicago’s now 7-and-20. And I’m going to be honest: 62-and-20 is still in the picture.

It’s time for the United Center to take this seriously. They’ve got MJ out front in bronze, dunking on a dude. Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita are right around the corner. We need a statue of Portis’s fist ramming through Mirotic’s Face — at least somewhere in the atrium.

Again, this isn’t me condoning violence. This isn’t me telling the rest of the NBA — Hey, this is a copycat league. You can’t copy what Golden State or Houston or Boston or Cleveland are doing on the floor, but you can have one of your guys put his hand through a teammate’s face. That’s not what I’m saying. It’s the farthest thing from what I’m saying.

But what I am saying is that Bobby Portis is behind this turnaround. Bobby Portis’s right hand is basically MJ, Scottie, Phillip and the Worm all rolled into one. Hell, don’t be surprised if Russ knocks out Melo at practice this week.


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