Pretty sure I very clearly told Jay Cutler to walk-off into a cloud of Marlboro smoke last week after he wrecked Tom Brady and the Hood on national television. Pretty sure I told the dude to exit stage left and be done with it. Pretty sure I picked the perfect ending for Smokin’ Jay.

And I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear me. Because yesterday number six was back out there, under center, against the Bills in Buffalo and single handily threw the Dolphins right out the game and the playoffs.

Dude had no touchdowns and two picks before his team recovered an onside kick with less than a minute left in the 4th quarter. And needing to drive it 58 yards with no timeouts, trailing by 8, with an outside look at a postseason spot on the line—Smoking Jay Cutler took all of one play to do this.

If throwing all the way across the field off your back foot was the play call—then Cutty executed it perfectly. But I’m guessing it wasn’t. And Smokin’ Jay ended the day with three picks to go right alongside zero touchdowns. Next time I tell you to retire in the middle of a season—you retire in the middle of a season.

As for the Bills? They’re in the dance if the season ended today. And go-freaking-figure, it was behind the play of Tyrod T-Mobile Taylor who threw for a score and rushed for one, too. The same guy Sean McDermott benched for Nate Peterman is the same guy that beat the Dolphins to put the Bills back in the second wild-card spot.

So the Mafia is still alive. Still alive after dropping four of five. Still alive after creating a quarterback controversy for no reason. Still alive after winning a game in a snow globe last week. And still alive after jumping 10 feet off a van through a table and getting knocked out cold on impact at yesterday’s tailgate.

Bills Mafia—not dead. Can’t quit. And with the longest playoff drought in sports on the line—the Bills control their own destiny the rest of the way.

Next stop: New England. No one said it would be easy. But nothing’s easy in the shiny, up and coming city of Buffalo.

Mafia, get in here. Let’s party. It’s late December and you’re still in this thing. Grab a frozen vine. Let’s go





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