Finally we have an answer to the oldest, most debated question in the history of the sports: Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? Well, after yesterday I can confidently say, in a word: Yes. In two words? Hell. Yes.

Forgot ripping an MVP trophy in Super Bowl 47, J-Flack just ripped the biggest game of the year, any year, —because any game the winless Browns are playing in—is the biggest game of the year, any year. And Flacco didn’t mess around. He didn’t wait till the 4th quarter to wake up. Or need overtime to finally knock out C-Town like Green Bay did a week earlier. This was just a good old, worry-free, nice, swift, 27 to 10 ass-kicking. And a welcome change of pace from the sweat-fest against the Packers last week.

As for the Browns—you really couldn’t ask for any more than they gave you. DeShone Kizer, shows up, man’s down, and somehow, someway finished the 1st quarter with negative 12 yards passing. I didn’t even know that was possible. But that’s the type of effort I’m talking about. Finish what you started. Now is not the time to start trying. Or show you care.

Why? And ruin all the hard work you and everyone else in that facility have put into this dream season. Hellll noooo!! I need a hero. And Kizer’s that. And now the Browns are right back where they were they were last season: 0-14 and two games from history.

But don’t look for me to pop the bottles yet. Hell, I haven’t even bought the bottles yet. Because I’m not about to get caught with my hand on the cork with this team. Not when they have a very recent track record of choking out in Week 16 and not when the 4-10 Bears are next on the schedule. Hey Mitchell Trubisky. You wanna prove to be worth that number two overall pick? Here you go. Go win one for Van Smack.

My favorite stat from yesterday is that Jimmy Garoppolo now has two more wins with the 49ers in three games than Hue Jackson has with the Browns in two seasons. That’s even better than a quarterback finishing with minus 12 yards passing in a quarter.

And the only thing more embarrassing than losing for 29th time in 30 games—was apologizing for it afterwards.

I love that part where he says he’s never left a place worse than when he got there—yet he turned a 3-13 team into a 1-15 team and a 1-15 team into an 0-14 team. There was a razor-thin margin to do worse—and Hue Jackson did worse.

14 down. Two to go. Don’t you dare go turning around this sinking ship right now. Finish the job, Hue. Finish. The. Job.

And if you want to go back to Cincinnati and replace Marvin Lewis as has been suggested, you go ahead and do that. But not before you finish the job with Cleveland.  And if I’m Cincinnati, I’m not going to bring in a guy who chokes on the biggest stage.  And he and they did last year, melting down, imploding and winning after a perfect 0-14 start. If I’m the Bengals, are really any other team in the NFL, and I see that happens again: and I see a coach that doesn’t have his team ready to lose at 0-14, and then turns it around and does it again the very next season, no way, am I going anywhere near him.  Do your job, Hue. And by do your job, I mean, don’t do anything at all.  And make sure that’s the message to your team. And finish this thing right now. 1-15 is for losers. 0-16 is forever.



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