Rams 42. Seahawks 7. In Seattle. Let me repeat that: Rams 42, Seahawks 7. In Seattle. In fact, I’ll pause for a moment so that you can repeat it to yourself and really let it sink in. And here’s the thing: that performance was so good, that beatdown so thorough, that I don’t even need to play “Ram It” right now, because you’re already bumping it on a loop.

Statement. Hospital job. Curbstomping. Call it what you want, it was all of that and more. The Los Angeles Rams went into Seattle, one of the most hostile environments in the league, and laid an absolute beating on the Seahawks. Seattle’s worst loss under Pete Carroll. They went into Seattle’s house and cleared the place out before the fourth quarter started. A lot of 12s got all L.A. fan with it, bouncing looking to beat traffic.

Nearly a year to the day that they lost 24-3 in Seattle, in a game where Jared Goff threw for 135 yards and Todd Gurley rushed for 38, the Rams came back and blew out the Seahawks in a game where Jared Goff threw for even fewer yards. How did that happen? Because Todd Gurley rushed for 152 yards and three touchdowns. And he added 28 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown.

Let me say it again: 42-7. Against one of the elite NFC teams for the past five seasons. The Rams team that lost in Seattle last year, didn’t have a head coach or an identity. This team has the Coach of the Year, they most definitely have an identity, and they might have just won the division.

As Gurley said, “We didn’t want to let up. These guys have been kicking our ass for the last 10, 15 years. You have to enjoy it. You have to take advantage of the situation.”

And no, I’m not interested in hearing from Seahawks fans telling me about all their injuries. Or about how  the game would’ve been a lot different if the Rams didn’t keep getting such great field position. Child please!! .

And Rams, don’t come in here to tell me you saw this coming. Because you didn’t… Nobody did. Not the most die-hard Rams fan. I don’t care if you’re waking up every morning to “Ram It” and you consider your Jack Youngblood throwback to be formal wear, even you didn’t see this coming. So don’t bother telling me you did. Because you didn’t.

I get that Seattle was busted up. Now get this: no one cares. Not in that league. Really, not in this world. No one wants to hear about your problems or your excuses.  Scoreboard. Look up at it. And thanks for coming.


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