I talked about it with Mike Freeman yesterday, but there wasn’t a better moment from Sunday than the pre-snap conversation between Clay Matthews and Cam Newton in the Packers-Panthers game. On the opening drive, Carolina was on Green Bay’s 7 and they came out in a formation that Matthews recognized. Roll it:

Let me read that transcript back to you, because it’s just that good. Clay sees the formation and he knows what’s about to happen, so he’s yelling to his teammates: “It’s that wheel route. It’s that wheel route. I’ve studied too.”

Cam hears that and says: “You’ve been watching film, huh?”

Clay: “Oh yeah.”

Cam: “That’s cool. Watch this…” And then Christian McCaffrey runs a fake wheel route into a slant and Cam hits him for a touchdown. Freaking incredible.

Shouting “That’s cool. Watch this” before a touchdown is so cool, so clutch.

Now you know why Mike Freeman was saying that he would pay for a channel that would just play audio of players talking to each other 24/7. Because that was awesome. And I thought that would be the greatest piece of sound from the NFL this year. And it was. Until last night. And more specifically, until Matt Ryan snapped on one of his players last night.

The truth is, last night’s Falcons-Buccaneers game wasn’t the greatest game ever. But Matt Ryan provided one of the greatest moments ever. With Atlanta up 17-14 in the fourth quarter, the Falcons had a first down on the Buccaneer 40. And Matt Ryan wanted to make sure that everyone was lined up properly. Specifically, he wanted Mohammed Sanu in the right spot.

Damn, Matthew! Earmuffs! Matty Ice was red hot at Sanu. Get bleeping set! I’m not sure what’s more impressive – the microphone technology that had the strength to pic that up or the fact that Ryan’s lungs could project that much. That was so loud, it didn’t need a microphone. I wasn’t sure if I heard it through my TV or through my window, because my man absolutely roared that.

He wasn’t joking either.. He was raging. And F bombing.

And you could see it after the play too. He was red-faced and still red hot. And I love it. The rap on Matt Ryan has always been that he’s a really good quarterback, but he doesn’t let his personality out. More to the point: that he doesn’t really have a personality. I’m guessing he’d tell you it’s his job to win football games, not be a personality. And he’s right. And it’s working for him. I mean it’s hard to argue with a resume that includes a Rookie of the Year, MVP, and four Pro Bowls, but last night was easily my favorite Matt Ryan moment ever.

Sure, there was the trip to the Super Bowl, but years from now, what are you more likely to remember – all the completed passes to Julio Jones or that time that he screamed GET BLEEPING SET to Mohamed Sanu. I know what my answer is. And if yours isn’t Ryan screaming GET BLEEPING SET then you’re a liar.

And a little addendum at the end, because I know how you ghouls work. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear for the record – that was Matt Ryan yelling at Mohamed Sanu. It was not your favorite slightly beefy celebrity yelling at a jello mold or a meringue to GET BLEEPING SET. So don’t come in here with those lame and tired jokes. Not funny and not creative. Don’t single out some chunked up athlete, or coach or celebrity that you outweigh by 50 pounds yourself and try to light them on fire. Still not a thing on this show. And never will be.


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