The league dinged Thomas Davis two games for his illegal hit on Packers wide receiver Davante Adams this past weekend. Davis says he will appeal the decision. That’s fine.  He should. And the league may even reduce the suspension to one game. But if it really is looking to send a message and reduce the number of shots to the head, they’ll leave it at two games. Because that punishment fits the crime.

Just don’t trying that to tell to panthers dee coordinator Steve Wilks because he doesn’t think his guy did anything wrong. And that no suspension is warranted, quote: “Definitely not. And I think you have to look at the person.  We know Thomas is a class act. The emphasis right there was when  you get an interception, you’re really trying to set up the wall.  We put a lot of emphasis on trying to score on defense.  So I don’t think it was anything malicious in anything Thomas was trying to do.”

Ehhhh! Wrong answer Steve! That hit absolutely warranted a suspension. It’s textbook definition of a hit that warrants a suspension: leading with your head and hitting a defenseless player in the head. Especially if you’re a repeat offender and Davis is.

So, of course it warrants a suspension. It warrants a multi game suspension; and to say it doesn’t is just wrong.

I know why Wilks is saying it… but he’s wrong. But he’s right about one thing: Davis is a great dude. And he probably didn’t mean it. But that doesn’t matter. Intent doesn’t matter. Result does.

And that’s an illegal it. Period. Good guy? Doesn’t matter. Didn’t mean it?. Doesn’t matter. Neither does this notion that he was just doing what defenders are supposed to do after an interception: setting up a wall to try to score: that’s fine: set up a wall; try to house the pick. Just don’t hit a defenseless opponent in the head. Thomas Davis is great dude. And teammate. And player. A credit to the game and his community.

But the league is trying to eliminate that very shot: and it needs to send a message. And it just did two games is right. That punishment fits the crime. And while it may be reduced, it shouldn’t. That may have been a great hit only a few years ago, but it’s not any more.  They’re trying to get it out of the game and they’re right to do so.



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