Actor, writer and producer Keegan-Michael Key joined the latest episode of The Jim Rome podcast and discussed his loyalty to his hometown team, the Detroit Lions. The Detroit native not only stays in touch with players and coaches throughout the season, but he went to Detroit to help the team reveal a Rockettes-inspired touchdown celebration that wideout T.J. Jones performed after scoring in the team’s 20-10 win over the Chicago Bears. That celebration came courtesy of one of Key’s many fictional characters, Boogie Down Brown.

Key explained how he came up with the idea for the character and the celebration, part of a piece the NFL Network aired on the pregame show before kickoff.

“We were in a room, it was me and the producers,” Key said. “My partner, Elisa Pugliese, is one of the producers on the piece, and we were just kind of coming up with ideas, and everyone was like we can do this runway model thing. We can do this like carnival thing and then Elisa goes ‘Rockettes, what about the Rockettes?’ and then the other producer went, ‘Ah man, Rockettes is great we got to make sure that’s in the piece.’”

When Matthew Stafford hit Jones for a 3-yard touchdown in the second quarter, Boogie Down Brown’s celebration was centerstage for the world to see.

“We didn’t know what they were going to break out. What’s so funny is T.J. Jones scored the touchdown, which means Eric Ebron, Marvin Jones Jr., and Golden Tate, those are my boys, they must have told T.J. because T.J. wasn’t there during the shoot,” Keys laughed. “I was screaming on the phone, she (Elisa) was in another country on business. I was talking to her on the phone and going like ‘Oh my God, oh my God, they are doing it! they are f****** doing it!’ They were doing the kick line, and they executed it beautifully.”

Although had Stafford participated in the celebration like he did for the piece, Key said it would have been perfect. The award-winning sketch comedian even had a philosophy for why.

“I think quarterback are spending entirely too much time figuring out how to score, as opposed to what they should do after they score,” Key said. “They have to get their priorities straight.”

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